Which Reality Show Are You, Based On Your MBTI®

Competitions, drama, and romance are all features of the reality television genre. While some people love the cheesy tone of The Bachelor, others like watching individuals or teams duke it out in the wilderness (like on Survivor) or in the kitchen (like on Chopped or any Food Network competition series).

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These days, it's not really a question of whether you would admit that you watch reality TV but which is your favorite juicy, guilty pleasure. Everyone has at least a few that they can't help but watch regularly. Let's think about your Myers-Briggs® Personality Type and how that relates to this truly fun TV genre. Read on to find out which reality TV show you are, based on your MBTI.

10 ENTP: Project Runway

Karlie Kloss, Christian Sirianoto on Project Runway Season 17

If you're an ENTP or "Enterprising Explorer" you "enjoy developing strategy" and are "questioning" and "outspoken." You don't like doing boring activities at the office or thinking too much about what's wrong in your non-work life.

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Your reality series would be Project Runway. The show has had 17 seasons so far and is a fashion competition show where people compete to win. Heidi Klum and then Karlie Kloss have been hosts and Tim Gunn has often been a "mentor." This is a great show for you to watch since everyone has to think strategically about designing clothing that the judges will like, and it's definitely anything but dull. It's the kind of show that keeps audiences on their toes as they wonder who's going to be crowned the winner.

9 ESTP: Big Brother

Jack Matthews Big Brother with Julie Chen

An ESTP or "Energetic Problem-Solver" is said to "motivate others by bringing energy into various situations." They are "alert" and "inventive" and "love life."

If this is your MBTI, then you don't like schedules or being "committed" to something or being on your own. According to your MBTI, Big Brother is your favorite reality show. For 21 seasons since 2000, people live in the same house and they could win $500,000. They also have games and a lot of activities, so you love this show since it's not at all boring. There are also some large personalities on this show, which appeals to you since it keeps things interesting.

8 INTP: Dragon's Den Or Shark Tank

Are you an INTP or "Objective Analyst?" This means that you're "self-determined" and "objectively critical" along with being "contemplative."

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You don't go for "small talk" or "socializing" so you need a reality series that reflects these personality traits. Your reality should would be Dragon's Den or Shark Tank. Both of these shows, which have similar concepts, have people with ideas for products share their stories and their reasons why they should receive funding. There are no teams working together or people having big parties. This show appeals to your INTP traits since you can think long and hard about each person and pitch, figuring out whether it's legit or not.

7 ESTJ: Survivor

Jeff Probst Survivor

If you're an ESTJ or "Efficient Organizer" then your reality series is Survivor. You sound just like someone who should be on the show: "People with ESTJ preferences drive themselves to reach their goal, organizing people and resources in order to achieve it."

You're "outspoken" and "take charge" and "straightforward" which are all personality traits that are necessary for the contestants. Everyone is competing and has to make it in the great outdoors (or the terrible outdoors as is often the case). Survivor is so successful that season 39 is about to premiere and it's been going strong since 2000.

6 ENTJ: Chopped

Your reality series would be Chopped if you're an ENTJ or "Decisive Strategist." The show has been on the air for an impressive 42 seasons since 2008 and each episode features culinary superstars who are given ingredients that they absolutely must use. It's a creative challenge and so fun to watch. The winner will also get $10,000 (not too bad, right?).

You "think strategically about the future" as an ENTJ and are "assertive" and like to "manage directly." You're also a "global thinker" and are "fair." Chopped appeals to you since you can watch people taking on each challenge with intelligence and self-confidence.

5 ISFP: Food Network Star

You're an ISFP or "Versatile Supporter," which describes people who are "holding firm to their values when bringing people together and facilitating and encouraging cooperation." You're "practical" and "modest" and "concrete."

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You're also going to be a reality series which is food-themed, except in your case, your show is Food Network Star. Airing since 2005, there have been 14 seasons, and people compete to be "The Next Food Network Star." There is some teamwork involved and that will appeal to you, especially since the chefs have to be humble, kind, and confident.

4 INFJ: Queer Eye

An INFJ or "Insightful Visionary" are "idealistic" and "enjoy helping others grow and develop." Your reality series would be Queer Eye on Netflix. You love the Fab Five and how they give someone a makeover in each episode and make such positive and wonderful changes in their lives.

The Netflix reboot has four seasons available to stream (so far) and you really relate to the idea behind this series since you're "committed" and like to "motivate others." You're also "creative" and "encourage harmony."

3 ENFP: American Idol/The Voice

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan Judges American Idol

Are you an ENTP or "Imaginative Motivator?" Then your reality series is American Idol or The Voice.

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You have a "zest for life" and your other personality traits include being "gregarious" and "expressive." You're also "restless." Chances are, you love both of these singing competition shows because you can totally see yourself appearing on one of them. You love to watch people perform and do what they love most. You're not big on people who don't seem to enjoy what they're doing (the official description says that you're "stressed out" by a "lack of enthusiasm") and that's not a problem on this reality show. The contestants really love getting the opportunity to sing their hearts out and compete.

2 INTJ: Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper

If you're an INTJ or "Conceptual Planner" then you "like to devise innovative solutions to complex problems." You're "original" and "reserved" and "productive."

Since you're such a logical person and you're also "firm" and "concise," your reality series would be Fixer Upper. The popular series, which features married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines as they makeover houses in Waco, Texas, ran for five seasons. You love watching these two create beauty and order.

1 INFP: Say Yes To The Dress

Say Yes to the Dress Show

An INFP or "Thoughtful Idealist" is going to be a big fan of Say Yes To The Dress. This is a show that makes viewers feel happy and hopeful about their own love lives, and it's been on the air since 2007.

INFPs are "loyal" and "typically try to help others with their growth and inner development to reach their full potential." You could see yourself helping women find their dream wedding dresses and being a part of their love stories. You're also "gentle" and "creative."

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