SR Pick: Saw VI's 'Where's Billy?' Scavenger Hunt

Are you a fan of the Where’s Waldo scavenger hunt books and the unrelenting torture scenes of the Saw franchise?

Yes? Then you’re in luck.

Lions Gate Films has put together a Saw VI inspired scavenger hunt cartoon as part of the promotional campaign for the film’s DVD release. The picture was created by Daniel David Freeman and titled “Where’s Billy?” - after Jigsaw’s signature puppet who’s hidden amongst a mishmash of bloodied characters from both the Waldo and Saw franchises.

Ironically, finding Billy isn’t quite as torturous as looking for Waldo was back in the eighties. Check out the photo and see if you can locate him:

It’s hard to believe that other films didn’t beat Saw to punch on this one – especially considering the timeless success of the Where’s Waldo books.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see similar pictures titled: “Where’s Boba-Fett?”, “Where’s Optimus Prime?”, and “Where’s Tony Stark?”

What film franchises would you like to see get the Where’s Waldo treatment?

Source: /Film

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