Some movies just seem to be instilled with a touch of magic, and that is certainly the way I feel about Spike Jonze’s upcoming adaptation of Where The Wild Things Are. If you haven’t seen the trailer or our gallery of pics from the film, you could be missing out on what looks to be one of the most enjoyable movies on the docket for the Fall/Winter season.

Today we have the TV spots for Where The Wild Things Are, and they too capture the magic of Maurice Sendak’s childrens book brought to life on the big screen. Aiding in the magic-making is the wonderful soundtrack by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O and the Kids; the TV spots make good use of the songs from the ‘track, which I’m predicting will be just as popular as the film itself.

I don’t know how anybody would not know the plot of this film, but there are always exceptions, so: The story revolves around a mischievous boy named Max (Max Records) who gets sent to bed with no dinner by his mother (Catherine Keener), only to escape confinement inside the realm of his imagination, which leads him to an island populated by “Wild Things,” who are, of course, representations of Max’s thoughts and emotions.

Have a look at the TV spots for Where The Wild Things Are:

(If you want to meet the Wild Things one by one, go here)

Again, I don’t know how anybody can watch the footage from this movie and not be excited, but there are, as I said, always exceptions so let us know what you thought about the TV spots in the comments.

Where The Wild Things Are hits theaters on October 16, 2009.

Source: YouTube

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