New Where The Wild Things Are Trailer Even Better Than The Last

One of the most positive receptions at Comic-Con was for Where the Wild Things Are. There was quite a bit of footage shown for the film and it looks like it will have enough heart for three movies. It looks like Spike Jonze has managed to take a childrens book that takes about 60 seconds to read and turn it into a really excellent feature film.

The first trailer came out back in March, and folks have been waiting for a new one - and here it is:

[media id=185 width=570 height=340]

For the HD version of the trailer head over to Yahoo! Movies.

The young boy is played by Max Records and he's perfect as far as I'm concerned. This isn't really the sort of film I'm into but it looks like it could be one of the best movies to come out this year.

Where the Wild Things Are opens on October 16th, 200.

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