Where Are They Now: The Scrubs Cast

Almost a decade after Scrubs ended, let's check in with the cast and see what they've been doing since.

A controversial opinion, but Scrubs may just be the greatest TV show of the last 20 years. The Zach Braff-led hospital comedy-drama had everything, from the lead's hilarious and surreal daydreams to hard-hitting, close to the bone drama. Not many shows could bounce from serious scenes to quotable, laugh-out-loud moments as well as Scrubs did. 

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The show gained a strong following whilst it was airing, and has only gotten stronger since it ended. It's been 9 years since the show left our screens, so let's take a look at what the cast members have been up in the time since.

10 Todd (Robert Maschio)

Robert Maschio played the lovable womanizer Dr. Todd ‘The Todd’ Quinlan. As well as sexual innuendos and high fives, the Todd had his fair share of storylines over the years, including one memorable one centred around his sexuality.

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Maschio had previously starred in Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence’s Spin City, which landed him the role on Scrubs. Since then, Maschio has kept relatively quiet, popping up here and there for guest appearances in shows like Undateable and Bones. He was spotted most recently at a Scrubs reunion with other cast members.

9 Jordan (Christa Miller)

Christa Miller played Jordan in Scrubs, from a guest appearance in Season 1 all the way up to the final season. The wife of Dr Cox, Jordan began as quite an unlikable figure but soon mellowed as she was given more plotlines. These included her and Dr Cox having a son, which was Miller’s real life pregnancy written into the show.

Miller is actually married to Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence in real life, making appearances on his other shows throughout the years, most notably in Cougar Town. More recently, she popped up in an episode of the recently cancelled Whiskey Cavalier, which was executive produced by her husband.  

8 Ted (Sam Lloyd)

Everyone’s favourite sad-sack lawyer, Ted grew a lot over the seasons. Portrayed by Sam Lloyd, he began as a punchline, usually to a joke about his depression or suicidal tendencies from working under Dr Kelso. But as the show grew, so did Ted, revealing his acapella group ‘The Worthless Peons’ and eventually we saw him settle down and get married to the ukulele-playing Stephanie Gooch.

Lloyd actually performs with The Worthless Peons in real life, although they’re known as The Blanks. Lloyd later made appearances in Modern Family and Cougar Town. Unfortunately, earlier this year it was revealed Lloyd was battling inoperable cancer, weeks after becoming a father. His Scrubs co-stars launched a GoFundMe campaign not long after.

7 Dr Kelso (Ken Jenkins)

Muffin fanatic and original Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital, Dr Kelso could also be counted on for some of the funniest lines in the show. His rivalry with Dr Cox and/or his disdain for Ted were the basis of a lot of his storylines, but he had his fair share of serious ones too (his retirement in particular).

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Ken Jenkins was an already established character actor long before Scrubs, and continued to act after it ended. He appeared in All The Way (a biographical film about the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson) as Rep. Howard W. "Judge" Smith, and in a few voice roles including the Nickelodeon show Harvey Beaks. 

6 The Janitor (Neil Flynn)

Scrubs' janitor

The nemesis of JD, the nameless Janitor was one of the best and most interesting characters on the show. Originally he was going to be a figment of JD's imagination, but the writers liked him so much they kept him on. Not many actors on the show have had a career as strong as the Janitor's actor Neil Flynn. Before Scrubs, Flynn was a character actor and extra (which was hilariously worked into an episode when JD spots Flynn/The Janitor's cameo in The Fugitive).

More recently, Flynn could be seen as an FBI agent interrogating Harrison Ford in Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But after the success and popularity of his character in Scrubs, Flynn landed the leading role as the patriarch of the Heck family in The MiddleThe show was a huge success and ran for 9 years from 2009 to 2018.

5 Carla (Judy Reyes)

Judy Reyes' Nurse Carla Espinosa was often the heart of the show. She did a lot of the emotional heavy lifting over the seasons, with her and Turk's two pregnancies becoming major plotlines. Before Scrubs, Reyes was best known for her bit parts in shows like Law & Order and The Sopranos.

She also had a recurring role in HBO's Oz and appeared in Martin Scorsese's Bringing Out the Dead with Nicolas Cage. After leaving Scrubs before Season 9, Reyes' career has gone from strength to strength. In 2012, Reyes joined the comedy-drama Devious Maids and in 2017 Reyes was cast in the ongoing TNT crime comedy-drama, Claws. 

4 Dr Cox (John C. McGinley)

Dr Cox goes crazy on Scrubs

Before Scrubs, the most famous member of the cast was almost certainly John C. McGinley, who had appeared in a number of major Hollywood productions since the 1980s. Movie buffs will know him as Sgt. O'Neill in Oliver Stone's Platoon or as the scene-stealing FBI Director Ben Harp in the classic Keanu Reeves actioner Point Break. But his role as the irritable but lovable Dr Cox was perhaps his biggest role to date.

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His relationship with Zach Braff's J.D. was the best part of the show, and we saw Dr Cox's character develop over the 9 seasons through the relationship with his son Jack. After Scrubs, McGinley has gone on to star in the title role of comedy-horror series Stan Against Evil as well as still regularly starring in movies such as The Belko Experiment and Battle of the Sexes. 

3 Elliot (Sarah Chalke)

The will they/won't they relationship between Sarah Chalke's Elliot Reed and Zach Braff's J.D. was the central story in the show. Elliot started the show as a nervous and shy intern, but over the course of the seasons she developed into a confident Doctor.

After the show ended in 2010, Chalke went on to other TV roles, including a short stint on Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence's next show, Cougar Town. Chalke also revisited her 90's TV role in the revival of Roseanne and the Roseanne Barr-less follow up The Connors As well as this, Chalke has found steady work in voice acting. She recently voiced Gina in Netflix's Paradise PD and provided the voice of Beth in Adult Swim's Rick and Morty

2 Turk (Donald Faison)

Scrubs JD and Turk

For a certain generation of people, before he was cast as Turk in Scrubs, Donald Faison was probably best known for his appearance as Murray, the boyfriend of Dionne in Clueless. But it was 6 years later with Scrubs that Faison got his big break, as immature but relatable surgeon Chris Turk. The relationship between Turk and J.D. was second only to that between Eliott and J.D. It was one of the lasting aspects of the show as it changed throughout the years (the fact that Faison and Vraff are buddies in real life added to this dynamic).

After the show ended, Faison followed it up with a few movie cameos such as his bit part as one of the Tonehangers in Pitch Perfect and the Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here. Faison also worked in the world of voice acting, working on Adult Swim's Robot Chicken where he got to show his passion for Star Wars in the Robot Chicken specials. Here Faison learned stop-motion animation techniques, which he used on his own videos uploaded to his YouTube channel.

1 J.D. (Zach Braff)

Scrubs wouldn't be the classic TV it is today without the central performance by Zach Braff. His portrayal of Dr John Dorian is one of the funniest in TV history, but as was always the way with Scrubs, the show had a fair share of sad scenes too. During his time on Scrubs, Braff branched out into directing.

His first feature, Garden State, was released in 2004. After the show had finished in 2010, Braff went on to direct more films, including Wish I Was Here in 2014 and the Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman crime-comedy Going in Style, in 2017. He acted again also, most recently in his short-lived sitcom Alex, Inc. Braff can be next seen in the upcoming Robert De Niro comedy The Comeback Trail, which was recently picked up at the Cannes film festival.

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