Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

When My Name is Earl hit NBC in 2005, the original fan base was clearly from the Kevin Smith movies as lead actor Jason Lee got his big break with Smith efforts like Mallrats and Chasing Amy after a successful skateboarding career. Add in Ethan Suplee, who also built a fanbase thanks to appearing in Smith movies, and this was tailormade for that specific audience.

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However, something happened and people really started flocking to NBC to watch the adventures of Lee's Earl, a man who decided he was going to make up for every mistake he made in his life and set out to mend fences, even if the people he hurt were unaware or didn't want him anywhere near them. With four seasons and 96 episodes before wrapping up the story, here is a look at where the cast of My Name is Earl is at now.

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Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast
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Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

Jason Lee starred as Earl Hickey, the lead character and narrator of My Name is Earl. Lee was a professional skateboarder in the '80s and was one of the first to ever receive a sponsor for his boarding career. After some small roles, Kevin Smith cast him as one of the leads in Mallrats and Lee became a huge cult movie star.

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My Name is Earl was clearly the biggest gig of Lee's acting career, but he is still plugging along today. His most recent major movie role was in Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip in 2015 but he will return to Kevin Smith's world in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot this year.


Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

Much like Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee got his break in movies in the Kevin Smith movie Mallrats. While it was just a minor role, he did enough to impress Smith and he went on to appear in Chasing Amy and Clerks II. In My Name is Earl, Suplee portrays Earl's younger brother Randy and accompanied Earl on his many attempts to make amends.

Suplee actually enjoyed his biggest success outside of Smith's movies with his role in the neo-Nazi movie American History X. In recent years, he took on one the lead roles in the Hulu drama series Chance as Darius "D" Pringle, a furniture restorer who also happens to be a mercenary.


Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

Jaime Pressly starred in My Name is Earl as Earl's ex-wife Joy Turner. She was extremely successful on the show, winning an Emmy Award for her performance, along with a Golden Globes nomination as well. Pressly broke out in the 1997 movie Poison Ivy: The New Seduction as well as a comedic turn in the David Spade film Joe Dirt, something that could have led to her casting on My Name is Earl.

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Pressly picked up another big TV role five years after finishing her run on My Name is Earl. She is one of the main cast members on the CBS series Mom, an AA-member sponsored by Anna Faris' Christy.


Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

Nadine Velazquez starred on My Name is Earl as Catalina, the housekeeper at the motel that Earl and Randy live in. In season 2, she almost gets deported, so Randy marries her but since she does not love him, they just make it a green card marriage and let it go at that.

After My Name is Earl went off the air, Velazquez picked up a role on The League as recurring character Sofia, the wife of Nick Kroll's Ruxin. Most recently, she portrayed D.D.A. Emma Rios on the TNT series Major Crimes and took on one of the lead roles in the History channel series Six.


Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

Eddie Steeples took on one of the funniest roles in My Name is Earl, Joy's hapless new husband Darnell "Crab Man" Turner, someone who loves his wife and also doesn't mind Earl either. His story was hilarious as he went from the clueless "New Daddy" to Earl's kids to the revelation that he was once a secret government agent who is in witness protection.

Steeples was actually best known for television commercials, specifically as the Rubberband Man in OfficeMax ads. He did little since My Name is Earl, appearing in a few movies -- the last bring Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip. He is currently part of the main cast for the TBS series The Guest Book as Eddie.


Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

Beau Bridges was one of the biggest names in the My Name is Earl cast, playing Carl Hickey, the father of Earl and Randy. Bridges, the son of Lloyd Bridges and brother of Jeff Bridges, has been acting since he was a child, his first roles coming in 1948. He is also no stranger to television, with 14 Emmy Award nominations -- the only actor to win Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Special twice.

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Most recently, he appeared as the Vice President of the United States in Showtime's Homeland in 2018 and also had a recurring role in the Netflix series Bloodline.


Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

Nancy Lenehan portrayed Kay Hickey, the mother of Earl and Randy on My Name is Earl. Lenehan has a long career that includes a ton of special guest roles in TV shows ranging from Malcolm in the Middle and Gilmore Girls to Hill Street Blues and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Since My Name is Earl, Lenehan has continued to pop into and out of TV shows in guest roles. However, she did pick up a nice recurring role where she appeared in three seasons of the HBO series Veep as Nancy Ryan, the mother of political advisor Jonah Ryan and sister of Jeff Kane.


Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

Tamala Jones stars as Joy's half-sister Liberty and is introduced onto the show in its second season. She is Ray-Ray's wife and has hated Joy since they were children. However, as the show progresses, the two finally bond and Joy agrees to become the surrogate mother for Liberty and Ray-Ray's child.

After My Name is Earl finished, Jones picked up a major role on the ABC series Castle where she starred as the medical examiner Lanie Parish, who was the love interest for Esposito. She most recently had a role in the 2o19 movie What Men Want.


Where Are They Now: The My Name Is Earl Cast

DJ Qualls starred on My Name is Earl as Ray-Ray, the husband of Liberty and brother-in-law of Joy. Qualls was a very familiar face when he appeared on My Name is Earl as he had already made his name in movies like The New Guy as well as a memorable appearance on Lost.

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While he has had some small movie roles, Qualls has kept his career going on television. He had a major role on Supernatural as the hunter turned werewolf Garth Fitzgerald and also appeared on the Jason Lee television series Memphis Beat. He most recently took on two major roles on genre shows in the Amazon Prime series The Man in the High Castle and the Syfy series Z Nation.


Alyssa Milano brought some star power to My Name is Earl starting in the third season. She met Earl while she was visiting her boyfriend Frank in prison but broke up with him and tried to go straight herself. She ends up marrying Earl in season 3 but then makes him choose between her and the list.

While Milano was a star since childhood, her career has slowed down drastically. She has only appeared in one movie since 2011, the 2018 Emma Roberts' comedy Little Italy. On TV, she has had appearances on a few shows with the biggest being the main role on the first two seasons of the ABC series Mistresses.

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