Where Is Longmire Filmed?

Robert Taylor in Longmire Season 6 Netflix

The series is a mix of crime drama and Western and features some beautiful scenery, so where is Longmire filmed? Longmire is based on a series of novels by author Craig Johnson. The show focuses on title character Walt Longmire, a stoic Wyoming sheriff. Robert Taylor (The Matrix) plays Longmire, with the series following him as he investigates different cases while looking into the mystery of his wife's death.

The show also stars Katee Sackhoff (Riddick) as Longmire's deputy Vic while Lou Diamond Philips is Henry Standing Bear, Longmire's lifelong friend, and tracker. Longmire built up a solid following throughout its early seasons but in spite of strong ratings and reviews, it was canceled by A&E after three seasons in 2014. The network apparently wanted a show that would appeal to a younger demographic. Netflix later picked up the show for its final three seasons, with the show coming to an end in 2017.

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The show also features some stunning landscapes and locations so some fans might be curious about where Longmire is filmed. The series was primarily shot in New Mexico, spanning locations like Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Eagle Nest, and Red River. Multiple seasons of the show shot interior scenes at Garson Studios at Santa Fe's University of Art and Design. For the third season of the show, a majority of the exterior scenes were shot in nearby locations in Santa Fe.

Robert Taylor and Josh Cooke in Longmire Season 5

Garson Studios was also used during filming on projects such as No Country For Old Men and Simon Pegg/Nick Frost sci-fi comedy Paul. Santa Fe also loaned Longmire an authentic Western feeling that perfectly suited the tone of the series. The rugged terrain almost became a character itself, so it's easy to see why the series never strayed too far from New Mexico throughout its six seasons.

Longmire season 6 brought the show to a happy end with the finale episode "Goodbye is Always Implied," which wrapped up a lot of storylines. Walt ultimately retires and convinces his daughter Cady Longmire, played by Cassidy Freeman (Smallville), to run for sheriff. It also resolved the long-brewing romantic subplot between Walt and Vic, with the two finally ending up together after his retirement. Some fans were left unsatisfied with how the series ended, but while a revival is possible in the future, it appears Longmire's story has wrapped up. For those fans wondering where Longmire is filmed, they can always take a trip out to New Mexico and experience the stunning scenery for themselves.

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