Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Wild Things

2Denise Richards (Kelly Van Ryan)

"My mom would kill me if she knew I took the rover.”

The filmmakers clearly anticipated that Richards would be the number one draw for boob enthusiasts, because when she’s not in a bikini, she’s in a sheer one-piece or she's entirely topless. She’s perfectly cast as the spoiled little rich girl who, despite living in a literal mansion, can’t wait till her mother dies to cash in her trust fund. Richards went on to star in the cult favorite Drop Dead Gorgeous, and has continued to pay the bills with TV guest spots a-plenty and five films in postproduction for 2017.

Most recently, she acted alongside Dolph Lundgren and Jonathan Lipnicki as a morally ambiguous FBI agent in the action thriller, Altitude. She also stars in American Violence as a psychologist who studies a death row serial killer. In life, Richards mirrored Kelly’s dubious romantic choices, but turned it around when she divorced Charlie Sheen and sued for full custody of their two children. It’s probably safe to assume that she’s a better mom than Sandra Van Ryan.

1Neve Campbell (Suzie Toller)

“Take a look around us, Sam. You’re gonna have to teach me how to drive this thing before I can get rid of you.”

Neve Campbell as Suzie Toller is everything. The role is a well-calculated 180 from the good girl image Neve depicted in the Scream movies and six seasons of the Fox melodrama, Party of Five. She’s a secretly brilliant swamp-dwelling delinquent with a vendetta and an intricate master plan. Throughout the film, characters compliment Kelly on her “performance”, but nobody ever suspects Suzie, who plays the patsy to the hilt. Her flawless deception enables her to sail off into the sunset with the lump sum of Van Ryan moneys and zero loose ends.

Campbell currently plays political consultant Leann Harvey on House of Cards. She also had a sexy cameo on Mad Man as the flight attendant who made Don Draper’s skies a whole lot friendlier. In 2018, she’ll fly high again, this time alongside the Rock in the China set-action thriller, Skyscraper.


Did we miss any of your favorite Wild Things actors? Is the film deserving of its cult status, or do you think it's overhyped? Let us know in the comments.

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