Where Are They Now? The Original Cast Of Jumanji

A thrilling adventure and comedic treat, 1995's Jumanji pulled viewers in without letting go until the end of the film. While the decades-old movie's special effects may seem outdated today, in the '90s they were incredible. The mischievous monkeys, nefarious plants, and chilling lion delighted movie goers in a way that they will never forget, becoming a part of their childhoods.

The film's cast played a major role in creating a memorable and beloved film. A snarky and sarcastic Kirsten Dunst before her Spider-Man days connected with tween and teen viewers and the unsurpassed Robin Williams dominated the screen, as he typically did, with humorous antics and boisterous personality, daring us not to laugh. Several actors in the film, from Patricia Clarkson to David Alan Grier, went on to see large career advancements in later years.

Whether you're preparing for or celebrating the new film with its rave reviews, enjoying the original for the first or umpteenth time, or binging them together with family and friends over the holidays, there's really no wrong way to immerse yourself into the wild world of Jumanji.

Take a trip down memory lane as you find out Where Are They Now? The Original Cast Of Jumanji.

15 Robin Williams/ Alan Parrish

Regrettably, we all know where Robin Williams is right now, and it is devastatingly not with us.

To many people, Robin Williams represents their entire childhoods, from Aladdin to Flubber, Jumanji to Hook. He brought delight and wonder to people across the country with his kindness and humor, but he was also well-known for his charitable works and the love he brought onto the set. Reports of actors demanding special treatment or types of water on set sound especially vapid when compared with his requests-- that jobs be provided to local homeless people as a part of production.

Williams ultimately found himself in a place of illness and despair, and his many fans wish that they could have offered him the comfort, solace, and joy he brought them in their own times of darkness.

14 Bonnie Hunt/ Sarah Whittle


Sarah Whittle, the classic girl next door who's dating the bully of the kid who likes her, was played by Bonnie Hunt. Hunt has played dozens of roles since her Jumanji days, starring in films like Jerry Maguire, The Green Mile, and Cheaper by the Dozen. A gifted comedian, Hunt not only co-starred in Return to Me, but she also wrote and co-directed the film. She's both starred and produced her own TV shows, including Bonnie, Life With Bonnie, and The Bonnie Hunt Show.

While Hunt is still quite active in making movies, most of her roles lately have been limited to voices for animated features like the Cars series, Toy Story movies and the Monsters, Inc. movies. Additionally, Hunt provides voice work for the same characters in video games.

13 Kirsten Dunst/ Judy Shepherd

The Beguiled Jumanji

Long before her days as Mary Jane Watson, Kirsten Dunst played a young Judy Shepherd, a tween who masked her sorrow over the death of her parents with biting wit and deadpan delivery. Judy utilized dark humor to help numb her feelings, but she also proved to be a resourceful and intelligent young woman.

Dunst grew up to be a media favorite, landing several TV roles including a recurring one on ER before starring in films like The Virgin Suicides, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Dick, and Bring It On. She may always be remembered for her role as MJ in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy, but she's been in dozens of works since, including the television series Fargo and recent movies like The Beguiled and Hidden Figures.

12 David Alan Grier/ Carl Bentley

jumanji carmichael show

Poor Carl Bentley may have gotten sacked after Alan ruined his shoe design, but David Alan Grier has enjoyed a successful career since his monkey-chasing days. Jumanji was produced right in the middle of his In Living Color days, a role he had for over a decade and for which he is still well remembered.

Grier has provided voices for various comedies and cutting edge programming like Happily Ever After and The Proud Family. Grier became known for many of his family film roles, such as Uncle Henry in The Muppets' Wizard of Oz.

Following his role in 2015's TV series Bad Teacher, Grier co-starred in films like The Wiz Live!, The Big Sick, and this year's A Christmas Story Live! He also portrayed Joe Carmichael in The Carmichael Show and is continuing to make films today.

11 Bradley Pierce/ Peter Shepherd


Peter Shepherd refused to speak after his parents' death and looked toward Alan Parrish - a man who'd grown up, yet not fully become a man - as a father figure in Jumanji. One of his most memorable moments in the film occurred when Alan ripped a hole in his pants to accommodate his new tail, courtesy of the game.

Prior to his brief career as the half-human, half-monkey hybrid, Bradley Pierce had already voiced several animated characters, including "Tails" in the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series and Flounder in The Little Mermaid series. Since then, the majority of Pierce's work has been voicing characters, like Bad Cop/Good Cop in The Lego Movie video game. He will be starring in the upcoming film Deacon.

10 Bebe Neuwirth/ Nora Shepherd

Jumanji Madam Secretary

When Bebe Neuwirth appears, audiences expect to encounter an intellectual professor or psychologist of the highest caliber, making her artsy character, Nora Shepherd, an interesting change. As a new parent to the orphaned children, she is diligent yet exasperated, particularly with their behavior.

The Tony Award-winning Neuwirth is most notably recognized as Dr. Lilith Sternin from the TV shows Cheers and Frasier, but her list of productions is incredibly long. Her voice is featured in TV shows like Pepper Ann, Aladdin, and All Dogs Go to Heaven. Some of her best known film credits include The Faculty and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Her TV appearances remain her most popular performances, and she has starred in Blue Bloods, Madam Secretary, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, and many other programs.

9 Jonathan Hyde/ Van Pelt/ Sam Parrish

Jumanji The Strain

As a businessman, Sam Parrish may be wildly successful, but as a dad he's pretty much a stereotypical 1969 father failure. It takes his own bankruptcy and death for him to learn that about himself, but luckily once the players finished the game, Sam was given a second chance at fatherhood.

Jonathan Hyde, who played both Sam and the sadistic human hunter Van Pelt, is even more widely known as Bruce Ismay in James Cameron's film, Titanic.

Hyde is a busy actor, continuing to make films, animated works and other features to this day. Hyde isn't often the lead actor, but he plays memorable characters that deeply contribute to his works. He provides voice talent for the Netflix series Trollhunters and recently appeared in The Strain.

8 Adam Hann-Byrd/ Young Alan


Adam Hann-Byrd had one of the most challenging roles of Jumanji as a young rich boy who faced bullies and an intimidating father on a daily basis - and he had to play a young Robin Williams to boot!

Unlike most members of the Jumanji cast, Hann-Byrd didn't act in many roles following the film. One of his most well-known roles, Fred Tate in Little Man Tate, occurred prior to the release of Jumanji. The actor has had roles in NYPD Blue, Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, The Ice Storm, and some smaller parts.

Hann-Byrd has remained in the entertainment business as a writer, however, creating the TV series short The Morning After and working on some episodes of Batgirl: Spoiled. He even worked as a fellow in the 2011 Warner Bros. TV Writers' Workshop.

7 Laura Bell Bundy/ Young Sarah

jumanji fuller house

As young Sarah Whittle, Laura Bell Bundy had the task of portraying a tween girl whose boyfriend regularly beat up her good friend, a difficult place to be for any kid. Proclaiming herself too old for games (who is too old for games?), Sarah almost made it out of the story, unaffected and back into Billy Jessup's arms, until she dropped the die on the game board. Luckily for fans, she didn't decide she was too old to stop acting following Jumanji.

Laura Bell Bundy grew up to be a lovely actress best known for her recent performance on Netflix's Fuller House. She's also in the TV series The Guest Book, Good Behavior, and Scream Queens. Some of her older but popular TV works include recurring roles on Hart of Dixie, Anger Management, How I Met Your Mother, and Guiding Light.

6 Patricia Clarkson/ Carol Parrish

Jumanji Maze Runner

Patricia Clarkson is absolutely delightful in every project she takes part in, but it's easy to overlook the actress with such a small role in Jumanji. Carol Parrish obviously loved her son and disagreed with her husband about sending him away to school, but her discomfort addressing their issue kept her mostly silent. The lovely and hilarious actress with acerbic wit went on to immediately star in the TV series Murder One and hasn't slowed down since.

Clarkson's CV includes hits like The Green Mile, Easy A, Lars and the Real Girl, and House of Cards. She has also been in popular movies like Shutter Island and Vicky Cristina BarcelonaParks and Recreation fans enjoyed her role as Ron Swanson's intimidating first wife, Tammy. She also appears in the Maze Runner movies.

5 Malcolm Stewart/ Jim Shepherd

Jumanji A Series of Unfortunate Things

Jim Shepherd, played by Malcom Stewart, only makes a small appearance in Jumanji but the audience is grateful for it. Once the game is complete, Alan and Sarah are able to prevent the death of the Shepherds, altering Judy and Peter's lives for the better. Since then, Stewart's long list of roles has expanded into over 100 parts, from various X-Files characters to vocal work like Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.

From Supernatural to Kyle XY, Smallville to Battlestar Galactica, Shepherd has had a hand in dozens of geek culture favorites. Some of his guest appearances include roles on Arrow, Fringe, and Bionic Woman. His most recent work, the Netflix series A Series of Unfortunate Events, saw him as the teacher Mr. Remora.

4 Peter Bryant/ Paramedic

Jumanji Riverdale

Chances are that most people won't even recall the paramedic in the movie, but Peter Bryant, who had this role, went on to much larger fame and fortune. Following the film, Bryant had a number of small guest spots in everything from The X-Files to The Outer Limits, and small roles in movies like Scary Movie. One of his first larger roles in a film happened in 2005's Fantastic Four.

His first major recurring role was on Dark Angel, but he's had several since then, including steady spots on Spooksville and Rogue. 2017 has been one of Bryant's most active years with him appearing regularly on both Riverdale and Insomnia. Fans know him as Principal Weatherbee in the former and Victor in the latter.

3 Lloyd Berry/ Bum

Jumanji Supernatural

Having the role of "Bum" in a film isn't a major accolade, but Lloyd Berry had a long acting career from 1963 to 2008. He was accustomed to playing the roles of "Old Man," "Homeless Man," "Homeless Harry", and similar characters, and he realistically brought them to life with skill.

Berry is most well-known for his more modern roles, such as Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, where he was Homeless Harry, and Scary Movie, in which he also played a homeless man.

Berry passed away in 2016 at the age of 89. His final role was that of Mr. Picket in Supernatural's "Mystery Spot," one of the most popular funny episodes of the show, which may hold the record for the most times a character dies in a single episode.

2 Gillian Barber/ Mrs. Thomas

Jumanji Supernatural

Mrs. Thomas had to sell ocean front property in Arizona when she landed the listing of the Parrish house, which was rumored to be the scene of Alan's murder at the hands of his father. She managed to sell the house to Nora Shepherd and the actress who played the realtor, Gillian Barber, successfully keeps making films and television shows to this day.

Barber is known for her work in The X-Files, The Outer Limits, Cold Squad, and most recently, Supernatural. Her vocal talents have been employed in animated productions such as Sabrina, the Animated Series, Adventures From the Book of Virtues, and Sherlock Holmes and the 22nd Century. Barber has also done classical work, playing Gertrude in 2011's Hamlet. Her next film, Status Update, releases in 2018.

1 James Handy/ The Exterminator

Jumanji Castle

In Jumanji, all James Handy had to do was check for bats as an exterminator when summoned to the Shepherd home. Handy may have been restricted to a quick attic scene in the movie, but he continues to act to this day and he's had much more interesting roles since 1995.

Most of Handy's roles have been one-time gigs on shows like Without a Trace, The Closer, Criminal Minds, and Castle, but he's also had recurring spots on shows like Alias, Profiler, NYPD Blue, and Melrose Place.  Some of his recent films include Logan and Suburbicon.

Handy is credited with over 130 roles and his next one, Father MacGuffin, will take place in 2018's comedy, Senior Entourage. He will be starring alongside Edward Asner, Helen Reddy, and Mark Rydell.


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