Where Are They Now: The Leftovers Cast

The Leftovers had a very interesting concept attached to it. The premise was such that the show was never going to get popular along the likes of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead; yet, it had a dedicated fan following, who watched the series right until the end.

It’s been two years since the show closed its doors, and fans wonder where the cast is nowadays. A few of them have been doing very well, while a few others have remained low key. For those who have been wondering what these people are up to these days, here are 9 of The Leftovers cast and where they are today.

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10 Amy Brenneman

It’s surprising to see how Amy hasn’t been up to much since the show’s ended. Then again, back when she was on The Leftovers, she had solely been appearing for the series, which indicates she’s decided to take things slow.

On the personal life front, she is still married to her husband of twenty-four years. As far as her career is concerned, her most recent appearance onscreen was on the CW’s Jane the Virgin, where she was seen in a guest role. She’s worked on the side as a producer, too, with her documentary called Intelligent Lives releasing in 2018.

9 Carrie Coon

Carrie has been having a great run as of late, with her being cast as Proxima Midnight in Avengers: Infinity War to go with other roles in Kin, Widows, and a starring role in the upcoming The Nest, where she’ll be paired with Jude Law.

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Carrie’s personal life has also seen a wonderful change, as the actress gave birth to son Haskell in 2018 with her playwright husband. Carrie was first brought into focus while on The Leftovers - when she had a supporting role in Gone Girl; this tells us she’s only just getting started with her mainstream success.

8 Margaret Qualley

The Leftovers was a springboard for major success for Margaret, who’ll be in an incredible run of six films in 2019. Her biggest role to date will be in her supporting role in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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We all are aware of how well-known actors get after starring in Tarantino films, and since Margaret is only 25-years-old this year, she has a huge opportunity to make a mainstream name for herself for years to come. Margaret hasn’t turned her back on TV either, as she was very recently seen in the FX miniseries Fosse/Verdon alongside Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams.

7 Chris Zylka

Having a main role on The Leftovers didn’t do anything for Chris’ career as much as being Paris Hilton’s boyfriend did. He’s been exclusively in the news mainly for dating the heiress, with tabloids having a field day when the two broke up.

The only acting role he’s had in recent times has been a minor supporting role in The Death & Life of John F. Donovan starring Kit Harrington. Other than this gig, Chris hasn’t been seen anywhere else professionally. We hope he gets over the break-up with Hilton and is back in a regular capacity on TV screens once more.

6 Janel Moloney

As far as earning acting acclaim is concerned, Janel was a heavyweight when she was added to the cast. She’d already earned two Primetime Emmy nominations for Best Guest Actress in The West Wing, and she did bring in a quality performance.

After her time on The Leftovers, Janel has kept quiet; her two acting jobs being a stint on American Crime and a guest appearance on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Going by her recent credits, it appears Janel’s developed a taste for the crime genre. Her personal life is a busy one, though, as she’s raising two children with her partner, Marcelo Zarvos.

5 Ann Dowd

Ann was already an established actress by the time The Leftovers premiered in 2014, and she’s continued her successful run since 2017. She featured in five films in 2018 – all varying in genre – and, immediately after the end of The Leftovers, she’d already snagged her next regular acting gig.

The Handmaid’s Tail has brought Ann several awards and honors, and she capped off this run with the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress trophy in 2018. Her marriage with her husband of thirty-four years is still firm, with Ann enjoying a steady life with her three children.

4 Liv Tyler

Her days of blockbuster successes like The Lord of the Rings and Armageddon were far behind Liv Tyler when she began her role in The Leftovers. The show brought her back into the spotlight somewhat by providing her a platform to appear on a regular basis.

Since she’s been off the show, Liv hasn’t been seen much more. Her TV work continued with a short stint on the limited series Gunpowder, co-starring Kit Harrington. She followed this up with a one-season appearance in Harlots. Liv made a long-awaited return in film last year with Wildling, a film she also produced. She’s still got an active personal life, though, with her upcoming nuptials supposedly on the way, and two children to complete her life at home.

3 Regina King

Undoubtedly, the one to be in the news the most in recent times from the former cast of The Leftovers has been Regina King. She had a stint of six episodes on the show, but proved her caliber as an actress within this timeframe.

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She lifted If Beale Street Could Talk with her fine performance, and went home with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Regina hasn’t ended her TV roots, as she followed up from The Leftovers to land another supporting role in Seven Seconds. Now, she’s going to be the captain of the ship with highly anticipated Watchmen TV series that she’ll be headlining.

2 Christopher Eccleston

He’ll always be known as the Doctor first and every other character second wherever he goes, despite how hard Christopher Eccleston tries to shake off his time on Doctor Who. The actor is famous for embodying every character he plays, and we saw this in effect on The Leftovers.

He’s been keeping busy with ensemble pieces on The A Word and King Lear when it comes to both the big and small screen, but Christopher has always been a stage actor at heart, and he was active nationwide in England in 2018 when he starred as the titular main character in Macbeth. Christopher has never stopped working in his long career; a professionalism that has seeped into all of his performances.

1 Justin Theroux

We can’t leave without talking about the main actor on the series, can we? And Justin Theroux has been proving to everyone why he’s such a multi-talented artist. He’d already been a screenwriter for a number of well-known Hollywood movies before The Leftovers, but it has been his acting roles that have brought him the spotlight.

Justin has been prolific on film and television since his departure from the show, with his most recent TV appearance being the high-profile series Maniac, starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. Justin had four film releases in 2018, a run that included contrasting performances in The Spy Who Dumped Me and On the Basis of Sex; not to mention voicing a role in Bumblebee by the end of the year. Justin’s fortunes continue being on the rise, although his personal life did take a hit.

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