Where Are They Now? The Cast Of Interview With The Vampire

Christian Slater Then and Now: Interview With The Vampire and Mr Robot

It seems at times that every great film of the ‘80s and ‘90s is being remade for a new generation – Ghostbusters is getting a gender-swapped reboot, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back on the big screen, The Craft will be re-made as a modern sequel, and almost every classic Disney animation is being re-made in live action. Now, this month, we learned a little more about yet another ‘90s remake – of the classic horror flick Interview With The Vampire, with the new version to be helmed by Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone.

The new film is currently titled Interview With The Vampire, according to Boone’s recent Instagram post, but it will include elements from The Vampire Lestat as well. If it is a success, we could see a new Vampire Chronicles franchise in the future – which would be fantastic news for Anne Rice fans. It’s sure to be an interesting new take on the classic, but it’ll be hard to live up to the original – even though the first film came out over twenty years ago! We decided to find out what the cast that first brought the moody blood-suckers Louis and Lestat to life are up to now…

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Kristen Dunst then and now: Interview WIth The Vampire and Fargo
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13 Claudia (Kirsten Dunst)

Kristen Dunst then and now: Interview WIth The Vampire and Fargo

The child-star of Interview With The Vampire was the angelic young vamp Claudia – turned too young by Louis and Lestat (largely for Lestat to prove a point), she spends decades trapped in a child’s body, loving Louis as much as she hates him. She came to an unhappy end at the hands of a cadre of Parisian vampires who could not accept the age at which she was turned, but Dunst’s career is (thankfully) a much happier story than Claudia’s!

Interview was one of her first films, but since then she’s gone on to find fame – most notably as Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man franchise. Most recently, she’s been in TV series Fargo, starred in Melancholia, and has three films currently in the pipeline (Woodshock, The Beguiled, and Hidden Figures). She’s also spent some time behind the camera as a director.

12 Santiago (Stephen Rea)

Stephen Rea Then And Now: Interview With A Vampire and Dickensian

Armand’s right hand vamp, Santiago, is another Parision vampire who imprisons Louis to kill Claudia (and Madeline), although he comes to a much stickier end… when Louis comes back for revenge, carrying a scythe. His short part in the Vampire Chronicles ends there and then, with Louis’s brutal massacre.

An actor since the ‘60s, Interview With The Vampire was far from Stephen Rea’s first role, but it remains one of his best known. It’s also not his only role in a vampire movie, as he also appeared in 2012’s Underworld: Awakening. As well as his work on the big screen, the Irish actor has also worked on television, stage and narrating for radio. Recently, he has been in the mini-series War & Peace as well as Dickensian.

11 Estelle (Sara Stockbridge)

Sara Stockbridge Then and Now: Interview With A Vampire and Fashion Week Interview

One of the Paris coven, Estelle was a redheaded vamp with a brief role on screen – and other than the leaders, Armand and Santiago, is the only other named member of the coven in the film. Sara Stockbridge is better known as a model than an actress, despite appearing in multiple films including Bridget Jones Diary and Spider.

The muse to Vivienne Westwood in the ‘80s, Stockbridge has stayed a part of the modeling and fashion world, although she is no longer on the runway. She has also now turned her hand to writing, with two published novels (Hammer and Cross My Palm). Her career has taken her through television and stage as well, although she has said in several more recent interviews that she is happiest as a writer, which lets her stay closer to home and her (now adult) children.

10 Armand (Antonio Banderas)

Antonio Banderas Then And Now: Interview With The Vampire and Expendables 3

The Armand in Interview With The Vampire was very different to the one in the book, as Antonio Banderas portrays him as a dark-haired adult, rather than a beautiful redheaded teen. He is the leader of the Theatre Des Vampires in Paris, where the vampires kill in front of an audience who believe it all to be part of a play. Seductive but cruel, Armand murders Claudia and imprisons Louis, later helping him “escape” in the hopes that Louis will stay with him forever.

Interview With The Vampire was one of Banderas’s first English-speaking roles, and along with Philadelphia, catapulted him to fame. In the ‘90s he was known for his roles in Evita and The Mask of Zorro, but now he may be known best for voicing Puss in Boots in the Shrek franchise. Currently working on several projects, he has also done some directing and may be looking to turn his hand to fashion after enrolling in a fashion design course.

9 Madeline (Domiziana Giordano)

Domiziana Giordano Then and Now: Interview WIth A Vampire and Making Love

Parisian doll maker Madeline has one of the shortest appearances in the film, but one that is incredibly tragic. Companion to Claudia, she convinces Louis to turn her new friend so that Madeline can look after her when Louis inevitably abandons her. Unwilling at first, he is convinced by her passion, but Madeline is burned along with Claudia by the coven.

Giordano had several larger roles before Interview With The Vampires, but has had few since. Instead, she focuses her talents behind the camera as a photographer, assistant director and video artist. She has also written poetry, as well as articles on visual art and art criticism. Much of her work is in her native Italy, where she has been nominated for photography awards for her art.

8 Malloy (Christian Slater)

Christian Slate in Interview With The Vampire

Slater’s role in Interview With The Vampire was a relatively small one – as the interviewer to whom this dramatic tale of blood-lust is being told. He appears only in the present time, as a chain-smoking journalist, while much of the rest of the film is told in flashback form.

Interview With The Vampire came at the middle of Slater’s career, during a time when he was working on multiple big-budget films. However, his star started to fade after several heavily publicized run-ins with the law, including an assault in 1997 that landed him in prison. Although he continued to work steadily, his off-screen behavior saw him fall out of public favor. Recently, however, the star has cleaned up his act and is now vocal about his sobriety and having put his troubled times behind him. These days, he is working more on the small screen, and stars in the incredible dark and twist-filled hacker series Mr. Robot.

7 Whore on Waterfront (Virgina McCollum)

Virginia McCollum Then and Now: Interview WIth A Vampire and American Horror Story

Virgina McCollum had only a tiny part in Interview With The Vampire, as a prostitute in the earlier parts of Louis’s chronicle. This is, in fact, her only acting credit, as McCollum isn’t an actress, but a location scout! She was the assistant location manager for Interview With The Vampire, which undoubtedly has more than a little to do with her moment in front of the camera.

Interview was also her first film, although since then she has worked on many more film and TV projects. Most recently, McCollum has been location manager on American Horror Story and The Astronaut Wives Club, but has yet to appear on screen a second time.

6 Gambler (John McConnell)

John McConnell Then And Now: Interview With A Vampire and Kingfisher

Actor and radio personality John "Spud" McConnel had a brief on-screen moment as a gambler in a New Orleans tavern for Interview With A Vampire – and while you may not recognize him, he’s been in a surprising number of big-budget films over the years, including Django Unchained, 12 Years A Slave, and The Departed. He performed in an off-Broadway production of Kingfish, a one-man show, as well as in many other plays.

Friends with John Goodman, he has also had a few roles on the small screen, including a regular spot on Roseanne. As well as his work on stage and screen, Spud is known as a New Orleans radio host with a conservative afternoon call-in show.

5 Yvette (Thandie Newton)

Thandie Newton Then and Now: Interview With The Vampire and Half of a Yellow Sun

Interview With The Vampire was one of Thandie Newton’s first big films, in the supporting role of Yvette, Louis’s servant at the time that he was still human. After he is turned, Yvette becomes increasingly afraid of the master of the house – and with good reason. Despite his best efforts to feed only on animals, Yvette becomes Louis’s first true kill.

Newton rejoined her Interview co-star Tom Cruise a few years later, for Mission: Impossible II, and has gone on to great success. She has won several awards, including a BAFTA for her work on Crash. She has worked on films in the UK and the US, as well as on television. She will soon star in the upcoming Westworld. Off-screen, Newton is happily married to director Ol Parker (and has been for nearly two decades). The pair have three children.

4 2nd Whore (Helen McCrory)

Helen McCrory Then And Now: Interview With A Vampire and Harry Potter

A blink-and-you’ll miss it part, Helen McCrory was on screen for several minutes as Lestat toyed with her friend after murdering her… but for most of it, it was only her legs visible, rather than her face. However, McCrory has gone on to become a much more recognizable face over the years, working up through smaller TV movies and mini-series to the blockbuster hits of the Harry Potter franchise (where she played Draco Malfoy’s mother, Narcissa). She was very nearly cast as Bellatrix LeStrange for the franchise, but her pregnancy forced her to turn the role down (at which point it went to Helena Bonham Carter).

More recently, she has appeared on Peaky Blinders, Doctor Who and Penny Dreadful. She has also had a successful stage career with the National Theater.

3 Paris Vamp (Andrew Tiernan)

Andrew Tiernan Then and Now: Interview With A Vampire and 300

Andrew Tiernan, one of the unnamed members of Armand and Santiago’s Paris coven, appeared on screen only briefly in Interview With The Vampire, but has since been in over a hundred other roles. These include multiple well-known British TV series, including The Bill, Casualty, and Doctor Who, as well as many (many) movies.

However, one of his best-known roles (as Ephialtes in 300 and 300: Rise of an Empire) would have rendered him unrecognizable even if he’d had a starring role in Interview, as it involved heavy prosthetics. He’s also had a long career on stage in the UK, and recently moved behind the camera to direct – he currently has directed three films, with two more set for release next year.

2 Louis (Brad Pitt)

Brad Pitt Now And Then: Interview With The Vampire and World War Z

Louis is the "hero" (of sorts) of Interview With The Vampire, though he is deeply flawed and his choices are often damaging. Pitt pouts his way through the film as the despairing new vampire that cannot accept himself, and he does it perfectly. By the time that Pitt worked on the film, he already had a solid decade of acting work behind him, but it was during the mid-90s that he really launched into super-stardom.

He remains a huge name today, and has spent the past twenty years working on huge blockbusters (as well as the odd short, TV series or in voice work). Since Interview With The Vampire, he’s also won numerous awards, including an Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy and BAFTA. Off-screen, Pitt is married to fellow A-list actress Angelina Jolie, and the two have six children.

1 Lestat (Tom Cruise)

Tom Cruise Then And Now: Interview With The Vampire and Edge Of Tomorrow

The central figure of most of Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, Lestat is the vain and exuberant counterpart to Louis’s more restrained and morose personality. He loves his vampire life, and although he has had his fair share of miserable experiences, he still glories in killing, in fashion, and in “living” as intensely as possible. Cruise, who brought Lestat to life, was already an A-List celebrity by the time Interview With The Vampire was made.

With movies like Top Gun and Risky Business already under his belt, it’s no surprise that post-Interview, he’s continued to star in big-name films like Mission: Impossible (now onto its sixth film) and Edge of Tomorrow. However, he is almost as famous for his personal life as his movies at this point. A vocal Scientologist, his beliefs have brought him under fire several times, especially his criticisms of psychiatry. When filming Interview, Cruise was on his second marriage (to Nicole Kidman), but is now single again, after his third marriage to Katie Holmes also failed.


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