Where Are They Now? The Cast of Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray Romano and Everybody Loves Raymond and Vinyl

The dysfunctional Barone family we fell in love in 1996 and continued to love until 2005 has now been off the air for a little over ten years. For those that have forgotten, Everybody Loves Raymond followed Ray Barone (Ray Romano), a successful sports writer, and his family that’s a little too close for comfort. In fact, his parents and his brother live right across the street.

His meddling mother, detached father and resentful older brother continuously claw their way into Ray and his wife’s lives, usually to their dismay. Though the sitcom has been off air for sometime now, it paved the way for family comedies such as Modern Family, Blackish, Fresh Off The Boat and The Middle and for that, we owe it big time.

So here’s where the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond is today.

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Robert (Brad Garrett)
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10 Brad Garrett (Robert Barone)

Robert (Brad Garrett)

Better known as Ray’s older, jealous brother, Robert wants nothing more than to be as successful as his younger brother, but he’d never admit it, either. Serving the law as an NYPD officer and living across the street from Ray with his parents, Robert can’t help but feel shorted in a familial capacity.

The giant comedian (6 feet 8½ inches tall) has been productive in the Hollywood spotlight, though perhaps his most well-known roles result from his voice work. Garrett lends his voice to such films as Finding Nemo (2003), Ratatouille (2007), Tangled (2010) and Planes (2013). He has also made appearances on shows such as Law and Order (2016) and Fargo (2015).

9 Doris Roberts (Marie Barone)

Marie (Doris Roberts)

Marie is the coddling, overbearing mother whose attention her two, 40-something sons (Ray and Robert) crave. However, Ray always seems to get just a bit more attention than Robert, as he’s obviously her favorite of the two. Marie meddles in the men’s lives, much to the dismay of Ray’s wife, Debra, and though she can be overbearing, she does everything “out of love.”

Most of Roberts’ career was spent in television, and for good reason. She appeared on such recent shows as The Middle and Melissa & Joey, but unfortunately, her career came to end this year when she passed away on April 17.

8 Madylin Sweeten (Ally Barone)

Madylin Sweeten in Everybody Loves Raymond and Wedding Frisk

Ally Barone is the eldest of Ray and Debra’s children, whom we see grow from childhood to well into her teenage years. In her younger years, she’s stubborn, but completely heart melting, while the transition into her teenage years follows suit, though with a bit more attitude as well.

Now an actress, producer and writer, Madylin Sweeten has appeared on television, in film and even lent her voice to Toy Story 2 (1999). You might also recognize her as Becky in Eagle Eye (2008). Though her list of credits is short, her presence behind the scenes in Hollywood is enough to mark this impressive woman’s career, especially since she is now only 24.

7 Monica Horan (Amy MacDougall Barone)

Monica Horan in Everybody Loves Raymond and Hot in Cleveland

Better known as Robert’s on again, off again girlfriend, Amy MacDougall Barone marries Robert in the seventh season of the show. She is best friends and a former co-worker of Debra’s, which is how she meets Robert, though the MacDougall and Barone families can’t seem to get along, causing many problems at the beginning of their marriage. Also causing problems is the fact that the newly married couple must move in with Robert’s parents.

Monica Horan has very few credits to her name, and her last role was Pee-wee’s Big Holiday (2016). Still, her TV appearances (in series like Hot in Cleveland, where the above image comes from) and film stints are always spot-on. Horan married Philip Rosenthal (creator of Everybody Loves Raymond) in 1990 and has been married to him since with two children.

6 Patricia Heaton (Debra Barone)

Patricia Heaton in Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle

Debra Barone is Ray’s wife, and there isn’t anyone more loyal or devoted. However, she continuously finds her patience running thin due to his constant desire to avoid adult responsibilities, leaving her feeling like the only adult in their house. To make matters worse, Ray’s coddling mother lives right across the street and always has something to complain about regarding Debra’s housekeeping skills, putting a strain on their marriage.

Patricia Heaton is best known now for her role as middle class mother, Frankie, in the ABC sitcom The Middle. Heaton also works as a producer in Hollywood now, and she executive produced (and acted in) the 2014 film Mom’s Night Out.

5 Peter Boyle (Frank Barone)

Peter Boyle in Everybody Loves Raymond

Frank Barone is the stereotypical old man, set in his ways, stubborn and extremely masculine. But aside from that, he’s also very lazy. Frank served in the Korean War and came from an abusive household, something that’s brought up throughout the series. While he’s a bit rough around the edges, his hilarious one-liners and “who cares” personality are the perfect addition to the show.

Peter Boyle made his mark on Hollywood during his long career, which unfortunately wasn’t long enough. Though Boyle passed away in December of 2006 at the age of 71, his career will live on forever, including his unforgettable role as Frank in Everybody Loves Raymond.

4 Philip Rosenthal (Creator)

Philip Rosenthal in Jewish James Bond

A writer, producer, director and actor, Philip Rosenthal was at the start of his career when he created Everybody Loves Raymond alongside Ray Romano. He took this idea of a dysfunctional, average family with everyday problems and turned it into a show that we’re still talking about, over ten years since it’s last episode.

Over the course of his career, Rosenthal has also written for shows like Coach and Baby Talk, produced several TV movies and series and earned 15 acting credits on his IMDB profile. Now, Rosenthal is married to Monica Horan, has two kids and we will hopefully be hearing more of him in the near future.

3 Ray romano (Raymond Barone)

Ray Romano in Everybody Loves Raymond

The focal point of the entire show, Ray Barone is a sports writer that’s doing very well in his career, but things aren’t so cut and dry at home. He frequently avoids helping his wife by insisting on watching or playing sports to advance his career, a quality that causes issues in their marriage on several occasions. Ray grew up a pampered, favorite child, and it shows in his adult expectations.

Ray Romano wrote, acted in and produced Everybody Loves Raymond, and since this beginning, he has had a very successful career. Not only did he lend his voice to the hugely successful Ice Age films, but he also secured a starring role on the new, highly discussed, TV show Vinyl.

2 Sawyer Sweeten (Geoffrey Barone)

The twins in Everybody Loves Raymond

One of Ray and Debra’s twin boys, Geoffrey Barone is just a young boy when we see him on screen, and it’s hard not to fall in love with him. Though it’s a little difficult to tell him apart from his brother, as they are very similar throughout the series (not just in looks), the duo as a whole is the perfect addition to this dysfunctional family.

Unfortunately, Sawyer Sweeten passed away last year at just 19 years old. The young actor also made an appearance on Even Stevens, but will perhaps best be known for his role as one of the twins on Everybody Loves Raymond.

1 Sullivan Sweeten (Michael Barone)

The twins in Everybody Loves Raymond2

Michael Barone is Debra and Ray’s other twin boy, and again, though it’s said they have differing freckle patterns, it’s nearly impossible to tell the twins apart. In fact, in the series, characters typically tell them apart by asking one or the other to raise their hand.

Sullivan Sweeten fortunately hasn’t suffered the same, premature death of his real-life twin brother, Sawyer, but his career behind the camera ended with the series as well. His only other big credit is alongside his brother in Even Stevens, and after the show’s final episode in 2005, Sullivan’s career came to an end. Though, on a positive note, he does refer to himself on social media as a “former actor.” So who knows? Maybe we’ll see him on screen again soon.


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