When Are the Oscars?

When are the Oscars? The Academy Awards are the biggest date on Hollywood's calendar. Here's when the 2018 Oscars will take place.

Jimmy Kimmel The Oscars

Awards season is in full swing, and it's all set to culminate with the Oscars. We've already had big prizes given out by the likes of the Golden Globes and several of the guilds, and now the Oscar nominations have been revealed, all eyes are on the massive finale.

The Academy Awards are the biggest date on the Hollywood calendar. The Oscars themselves are the most prestigious prize in the industry, and the massive telecast in the Dolby Theater is a major ratings get (even with drops in recent years it still hits over 30 million) full of show-stopping events and, of course, major stars. But, now we know who's in the running this year, when will the ceremony actually take place?

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The Date and Time of the Oscars In 2018 (Is Different From Previous Years)

The Oscars

The Oscars typically take place in the final weekend of February. However, if you tune in on February 25, you're in for a snowy disappointment. Due to the 2018 Winter Olympics, they've has been pushed back a week, meaning that the Oscars 2018 ceremony takes places on March 4.

That's not the only thing changing this year; the ceremony will also start a little earlier. Whereas last year the red carpet began at 7pm EST/4pm PST, with the ceremony itself kicking off 8:30pm EST/5:30 pm PST, this year the festivities kick off half-an-hour earlier: the red carpet coverage starts at 6:30 p.m. EST/3:30 p.m. PST, with the awards at 8:00pm EST/5:00 pm PST.

As always, everything in the show will air on ABC in the US and other licensees around the world.

What Can We Expect At The Oscars 2018?

Jimmy Kimmel The Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel is back as host after his mostly successful debut in the gig last year (out-of-his-hands final shocker notwithstanding), and he'll have his work cut out for him. This is the 90th Academy Awards, making it a considerably bigger celebration, but more importantly the specter of sexual harassment looms large. Seth Meyers pulled few punches in addressing the allegations against the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey at the Golden Globes, and the pressure is on Kimmel to address the major shift in the industry without being crass.

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As for what will take home the big prize, that's hard to call. This is the most open awards race in years, and while the acting categories are beginning to normalize out (expect the Oscars to be identical to the SAG awards) the fight for Best Picture and Director is a fierce one. At the moment, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is the firm favorite, although the growing backlash against its handling of racist characters could hurt it during the voting period. Also in hot contention is The Shape of Water, which is likely going to see Guillermo del Toro win his first directing Oscar - and possibly nab the big prize too.

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