Wheel of Time TV Series Picked Up By Sony

The Wheel of Time series is headed to the small screen, now under the watchful eye of Sony. Initial reports about a Wheel of Time TV show being in development first broke about a year ago. Robert Jordan's spectacular saga, which spans fourteen novels, is renowned for its dynamic cast of characters, uniquely detailed fantasy realm, and enormous sense of scope. It's long been considered one of the best fantasy worlds ever created, with an undeniable cinematic quality that's had fans clamouring for an adaptation for over two decades.

Since the announcement last April that all legal issues with the Wheel of Time intellectual property had been resolved, there have been no reported developments concerning the long-gestating TV adaptation. Now however, the wheel is slowly turning as Sony Pictures Television is moving ahead with the series.

Variety reports that Sony is producing Wheel of Time alongside Red Eagle Entertainment and Radar Pictures, with Rafe Judkins rumored to join the project as writer and executive producer. Several other executive producers are linked to the series, including: Rick Selvage and Larry Mondragon of Red Eagle; Ted Field and Mike Weber of Radar Pictures; and Darren Lemke, co-writer of Jack the Giant Slayer. Robert Jordan's widow, Harriet McDougal, will also be serving as a consulting producer.

Red Eagle Entertainment caused some controversy over Wheel of Time in 2015 by airing an unpublicized pilot episode of a serialized adaptation on FFX. Harriet McDougal released a statement after the episode aired, claiming she had no knowledge that the saga was being adapted for television. The combined efforts of Sony, Red Eagle Entertainment, and McDougal in this new adaptation suggest that any damages caused by the Red Eagle's err in judgement have been thoroughly resolved.

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Sony Pictures will be eager to move Wheel of Time along in order to capitalize on the astounding success of HBO's Game of Throneswhich is fast approaching its penultimate season. Robert Jordan's enormous saga is the perfect candidate to fill the vacuum left by George R.R. Martin's spectacular A Song of Ice and Fire series, offering plenty of intrigue and high stakes fantasy drama. The Wheel of Time isn't simply a bit-part saga to plug a gap in viewership however, and Sony will need to handle the adaptation with due respect and diligence, in order to deliver a faithful adaptation of the late Robert Jordan's epic works.

Fortunately Sony have already linked plenty of pedigree to the project. Rafe Judkins has experience writing for TV, most notably for ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Darren Lemke earned his chops writing and directing for HBO's groundbreaking Lost. Harriet McDougal also edited her husbands novels until he died in 2007, at which point she chose acclaimed author Brandon Sanderson to take over the writing duties in order to finish the beloved series. She acted in part as an overseer of her husband's revered works throughout his life, and will continue to do so as Sony Pictures looks to bring them to life on TV.

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We'll bring you more Wheel of Time news as it becomes available.

Source: Variety

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