15Dr. Horrible Made Joss Whedon More Money Than The Avengers

During the writers' strike of 2008, Joss Whedon bankrolled a pet project about an evil mastermind in love with a girl in love with a hero who was actually kind of a jerk.

Whedon dropped the musical comedy, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, on the internet at a time when professionally produced internet content

was as commonplace as dropping a highly anticipated horror movie after the Super Bowl without an advertising campaign.

At PaleyFest in 2015, Whedon modestly admitted that Dr. Horrible had made him more money than The Avengers without actually revealing how big that paycheck really was.

At the time of the interview, The Avengers had earned over $600 million at the box office. Whedon, however, has always maintained that Robert Downey Jr. received a larger paycheck than he did, indicating a cut of less than $50 million.

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