What's Happening With 'The Brazilian Job?'

A sequel to the American remake of the classic British film The Italian Job, aptly titled The Brazilian Job, has been talked about ever since the first one was released back in 2003. And all of the stars, that is Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Edward Norton, Jason Statham, Mos Def and Seth Green, have enjoyed considerable success since (not because of it, but general success nonetheless).

Pretty much the only thing we've known up until this point is that one is going to be made and, of course, the title. Well thanks to an interview with producer Donald De Line about the upcoming Green Lantern movie, we have some info on the progress of just where The Brazilian Job is in the development stages:

"We're trying right now. They all want to do the sequel. We have a version at Paramount that we're talking very serious about, so hopefully, if we're lucky in the next year we can pull it together. They're all very successful and very busy, which is great, but they all have a real affection and passion for that movie, so they want to come back and do another, which is nice. We'll get them together hopefully."

I am happy to admit I was a fan of the remake of The Italian Job. No, it certainly wasn't classic like the original one is (not even close, actually), but it was a fun caper movie and importantly it didn't claim to be anything else. Unlike the original (which ends in such a way that leaves things ambigious but still truly ends it), the remake was a film very much suited for more films to follow and the brilliantly simple and obvious (not to mention carrying on the nature of the original) title is intriguing.

I really hope they manage to get this thing made, and that all of the original cast come back for another go at it.

Do you like the idea of a sequel to The Italian Job remake or should they just leave it at one?

The Brazilian Job is hoped for a 2011 release but no official date has been set as of yet.


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