15Stacy vs Clinton Feud

Clinton Kelly and Stacy London

In mid-November, Clinton Kelly informed fans that he had been blocked on Twitter by his former co-host from What Not to Wear. His Tweet simply said, “Alllll righty then” and included a screenshot of his lack of access to Stacy London’s posts. Immediately, supporters of Kelly and the TLC channel

poured in, most insisting on an explanation. Kelly stated, “The tea is old. And I never spill tea unless I’m shook, which I’m not.”

It has been speculated the sudden conflict stems from Kelly’s memoir I Hate Everyone, Except You, released in January 2017. He wrote, “I either adored her or despised her and never anything in between. We spent sixty hours a week in captivity. Trust me when I tell you that that is just too much time to spend with any other human being you didn’t choose of your own free will.”

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