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Tracy Morgan is a comedian and actor who is best known for his time on Saturday Night Live and his role on 30 Rock. He is a multiple Emmy-nominated actor for his role on 30 Rock. He has been in many films like First Sunday, Death at a Funeral, Fist Fight and The Clapper. In What Men Want, he plays Joe “Dolla” Barry. The father of a rookie prospect for the NBA.

Screen Rant: Congratulations. It was hilarious. Yeah, there was one point where I was dying of laughter is when you're talking about that shake and I couldn't catch my breath, but uh, that shake, I was kind of intrigued to try it out. I'll try to write down the ingredients. Um, tell me about working with Adam Shankman. Did he give you a lot of freedom as far as creating your character?

Tracy Morgan: Well, we did what was on paper. Yeah. And because the writing is so great. Yeah, you don't really have to go there like that. You just add your little two cents. But we did what was on the paper first and then he gave us the freedom and in love and warmth. So have fun and be creative.

Screen Rant: I kind of a got, reminded me a little bit of someone I see a lot on ESPN. Do you think that they drew a little inspiration from that certain person?

Tracy Morgan: Yeah.

Screen Rant: Um, as far as like, uh, your, your jokes and everything, was it more so scripted or were you able to just kind of like free? It was free form for you.

Tracy Morgan: Well, for me, this is what I do. Yeah. So it was a lot of free.

Screen Rant: And tell me about the dynamic that you had a with Taraji was it fun working with her was was able to keep up with. Keep up with you?

Tracy Morgan:What? Yeah, she has a natural sense of humor. Yeah, she was super fun. It was more like a Lucille Ball. Uh, I like, uh, like uh, um, Carol Burnett, like a, like a mom's maybe is free as bubbly, so yeah. And plus with friends. So we were, she was comfortable with me and trusted me with her since you're not trusting her with minds and once you have that chemistry it lights up on the screen. So don't think this is going to be the last time you see me and her together having fun in the sandbox.

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Screen Rant: So what drew you to this one? Why did you want to be involved in this film?

Tracy Morgan: Adam Shankman. Yeah.

Screen Rant: You're a big fan of his past work.

Tracy Morgan: Yeah.

Screen Rant: That's awesome. Now, if you were given the power to read minds like a -

Tracy Morgan: I won't go there. Read nobody's mind. No one's mind going to leave it out. Leave it all to that. Then I might mess with the destiny.

Screen Rant: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Tracy Morgan: I might change your mind just because I want to do what they think. Who wants to be a part that?

Screen Rant: I know. Yeah. You don't want to be a, have that weight on, you know that weight on you. Um, so did you like you, you really like enjoy bringing humor to a lot of these films? Is that, is that your main goal when, when taking on a new role, like making people happy?

Tracy Morgan: I want to make them laugh. Make them cry. I don't want to make them think, yeah, that's the goal. I like to do characters with heart. Go, go. This guy's a creep. He loves the sun. Yes. That, that's probably the best thing about this one, is the best thing about it. Well, thank you. Thank you so much.

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