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Josh Brenner is best known for his role as “Big Head” on HBO’s Silicon Valley and his role on The Big Bang Theory and also his voice work on Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars Resistance and Duck Tales. In What Men Want, he is the personal assistant and friend to Ali and helps her control these new abilities and find love. She finds love in Aldis Hodge. Aldis Hodge is best known for his role on Friday Night Lights and Leverage. He also starred with Tarajii P. Henson in Hidden Figures. He is a SAG award winning actor and there are no signs of stopping him.

Screen Rant: Both of your characters helped Ali, become who she wanted to by the, towards the end of the film. How was it working with T?

Josh Brenner:Well, I'll say one thing. First is that I don't think that the main character in this film needed anybody and especially not a man to help her get where she was, a strong, capable, incredibly talented person to begin with and she learns to accept herself who, uh, by going on this journey. But Taraji needs to learn nothing from anybody because she is everything.

Aldis Hodge:She's awesome. She's really fantastic. Uh, you know, in situations like this, it can be a little, um, you can be a little bit concerned. We're wondering how she, she is the movie, you know, it's like, all right, well going into is how is the rapport is going to be and all that. But she comes in so lovely. She has so much great energy that she gives off to everybody. She comes up in the makeup trailer in the morning and just ready, just happy, you know, getting the day started, getting the energy pumped up and she treats people with respect. So she leads by example and it's just a joy to work with somebody like that.

What Men Want Aldis Hodge Taraji P Henson

Screen Rant: Now with all laughs, there's also a very strong message as far as like equality and uh, you know, a woman making it in a mainly male dominated environment. what other messages do you guys want a viewer to take away from this when they watch it?

Aldis Hodge: Uh, I think for me this is a movie that is also really, really great for men, for a male audience, right? And something that I think the young male audience and come away from with a come away with it from his, his, uh, to learn how to acknowledge, respect and appreciate a woman in a position of power without feeling less than no man without feeling emasculated. So I think that's a really awesome a trait. And then, you know, as far as the women go, hey, you all, you need to get where you need to go. You know what I mean? So just rock what and who you are unapologetically.

Screen Rant: You guys had a lot of fun. It seems like the blooper reel is be going to be so crazy. If you guys were to, you know, have the power to read, you know, read people's minds. Who do you think's mind would be the most outrageous, the most entertaining to be, to be reading their minds. Well, out of the cast members, I guess lot of the cast members.

Josh Brenner: I would say Tracy, but he just wanted to tell you, I don't think you have to be like, you wouldn't have to read it. You just sort of have to sit there.

Aldis Hodge: Mine is a tossup between Eryka Badu and Pete Davidson though. They're hilarious. I really want to see what's going on in Pete's head because it's a special case. Right? Then you're like, we need to spin off or this film. Please put that out there. Just drop those nuggets.

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