What Is Going On With Terminator 4?

Last week news made the rounds that the plug had been pulled on McG's new Terminator film. However we at Screen Rant don't like to jump to quick and easy conclusions (well...unless they involve werewolves), and now news comes via The Hollywood Reporter that Moon Bloodgood is in final negotiations to star as the female lead in McG's Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins or Terminator: The Return of the Terminator, whatever it ends up being called!

Moon Bloodgood - yes that is a real name - was most recently in the Screen Rant favorite TV series Journeyman and she is currently filming Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (but we don't want to talk about that).

So what is going on with this Sci-Fi sequel/spin-off/restart/sequel/cash-in (delete where applicable).

So is the film in trouble?

No, I don't think that the film is trouble.Warners and Halcyon have spent too much time and money on this film to pull the plug. They couldn't hope to get a more geek-tastic cast than Christian Bale, Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin - all of whom will be bigger stars a year from now.

Trust me... this isn't another Justice League!

The shut down rumor came from UGO, which didn't cite a reliable source... unless you believe this:

"...a crew member was recently overheard discussing his newfound free schedule due to the production shutting down."

Not exactly a source that you would bet your life on. For all we know the dude could be talking about getting fired!

The Hollywood Reporter is a bit more reliable and let's face it Terminator 4 was looking very under cast in the female lead department up until this point.

According to the trade:

"Bloodgood will play a no-nonsense and battle-hardened member of the resistance."

It looks like the film is slowly coming together, but I won't be excited until they start casting some serious Terminators. I mean that is what the film is called... and Worthington isn't going to cut the mustard for me.

The film is set to begin shooting on May 5 and will open on May 22, 2009.

Sources: UGO and The Hollywood Reporter

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