It’s been twenty years since Melissa Joan Hart first enchanted us as the teenage sorceress Sabrina Spellman, and thirteen years since the show ended. Sabrina The Teenage Witch was a huge success, taking a typical teen show format and giving it a particularly magical twist. Although Sabrina still had to deal with all the usual adolescent issues that everyone could relate to, the series mixed them up with more slapstick adventures in witchcraft. The supernatural twist kept the show light and colorful.

With the current trend for reboots, Sabrina The Teenage Witch is just the kind of TV series that we would love to see brought back to the small screen. While no-one could replace the original cast in our nostalgic hearts, there are some phenomenal young actors who would do a fantastic job of giving a reboot the same kind of charm that made the original run so special.

16. Mr. Kraft – Jane Lynch (as Ms. Kraft)

mr kraft jane lynch What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Willard Kraft is the high school principle (originally vice principle), with a love of law and order and a hatred of students stepping out of line. Sabrina, naturally enough, hates him – especially as he has clear favorites among the students, especially favoring Sabrina’s arch-nemesis Libby. As the show continues, Mr. Kraft does become more sympathetic as a character, and even dates both of the Spellman aunts at different times. However, he reveals his true nature in the end, causing Zelda to dump him and Salem to mow him down with a car. We never find out if he survives the accident… but few fans really cared about this largely unlikeable character.

We’d switch things up a little in a reboot, with a gender-swapped Principle Kraft played by Jane Lynch. Her turn as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in Glee would translate perfectly into Sabrina The Teenage Witch – and would be a great way to add an LGBT character to the show if she still dated one or both of the Spellman sisters.

15. Libby Chessler – Imani Hakim

libby imani hakim What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

The most popular girl at Sabrina’s high school, Libby Chessler is the ultimate mean girl. Head cheerleader Libby is a rich kid who is utterly spoiled, arrogant, and vain. As Queen Bee of the school, she rules with an iron fist, branding anyone who doesn’t bow down to her as a “freak” and picking on them mercilessly. Libby and Sabrina have several run-ins over the first few seasons of the show (before Libby heads off to boarding school), with Libby as a nemesis of sorts for the young witch.

The original Libby was brought to life by Jenna Leigh Green, and we would love to see Imani Hakim as her reboot replacement. Although Hakim is best known for playing the adorable Tonya in Everybody Hates Chris, now she’s all grown up and has become a stunning young woman who is proving that she is more than simply a cute child talent. After her success as Gabby in The Gabby Douglas Story, Hakim is one to watch, and would make a great mean girl in a rebooted Sabrina series.

14. Jenny Kelly – Natalia Dyer

jenny natalia dyer What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Jenny had a brief stint on the show as Sabrina’s high school best friend during her sophomore year, but was written out of the show quickly (to be replaced by Valerie for Sabrina’s Junior and Senior years). Sweet and friendly, Jenny prided herself on being different, and was drawn to Sabrina because her magical adventures (and misadventures) led to her being perceived as odd by the rest of the school. Jenny never learns that Sabrina is a witch, although she does accidentally visit the Other Realm – luckily, Sabrina is able to convince her that her experience was all a dream.

We’d love to see Natalia Dyer as Sabrina’s first friend at her new school. Known for I Believe In Unicorns and the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, Dyer has been acting since 2009, and is now starting to get the recognition that she deserves. A major role in a rebooted cult classic show would be a great next step for the young actress.

13. Valerie Birkhead – Maude Apatow

valerie maude apatow What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Valerie, the best friend who replaced Jenny after season one, is another oddball in the high school world. Although she wants to be popular, she has low self-esteem and is extremely shy and awkward. Valerie is a wonderful friend to Sabrina while they are at school together, and the two become so close that when Valerie’s parents move away before Senior year, Valerie is invited to move in with the Spellmans. However, she ends up choosing to move with her family, and the two friends drift apart.

Although she is still fairly new to the acting world, Maude Apatow knows all about show business, as the daughter of director Judd Apatow. Valerie would be a fantastic role for her to find her feet as a teen actress, and we’d love to see her join this fantasy reboot. Known for This is 40 and Knocked Up, it’s time for Apatow to start taking on older roles and expanding her range.

12. Brad Alcerro – Carlos Valdes

brad carlos valdez What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Brad is Harvey’s childhood best friend who moves back to town after living in Texas for several years. Joining the high school storylines, Brad is a total jerk to Sabrina – at first, we have no idea why, and assume that he’s just not that nice a person… until it is revealed that Brad is actually descended from witch hunters, and that he can sense Sabrina’s power (even if he doesn’t know it). Because of this, Sabrina can’t use magic on him, and he can’t help but be rude to Sabrina. He eventually loses the witch hunter gene, and it turns out that he’s still a jerk, so no one was sad that when he went away to college, we never heard from Brad again.

We’d love to see The Flash’s Carlos Valdes appear as Brad in a reboot – although not as buff as the original Brad (Jon Huertas), he’d be a perfect choice to play Harvey’s unpleasant friend. Although he plays a perfect sweetheart in The Flash, his moments as Cisco Ramone’s evil doppelganger leave us wanting to see him play an evil character a little more often.

11. Albert the Quizmaster – Damon Wayans Jr

quizmaster damon waynes jr What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Quizmasters are like driving instructors for young witches, appointed by the Witches Council to train and quiz student witches in preparation for getting their full Witch’s License. Sabrina is often annoyed by Albert, but he is fantastic comic relief – and gives us a look into the official business of being a witch, as he is bound by the rules and regulations of the Council.

Originally played by Alimi Ballard, we’d love to see a reboot with Damon Wayans Jr. as Sabrina’s Quizmaster. The talented comedic actor would be perfect to bring an extra element of comic relief to the series, as well as adding a bigger name to a cast of younger, lesser known faces. While Wayans has worked extensively in movies and TV, he has recently been in several sitcoms, including New Girl and Happy Endings, and this would be a perfect fit for the actor – a show that’s funny and zany, but has some real heart.

10. Josh Blackhart – Avan Jogia

josh avan jogia What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Josh is Sabrina’s second major love interest in the show and the manager of the coffee house where she gets a job. He starts off as a romantic rival to Harvey, Sabrina’s long-term boyfriend, and he and Sabrina have a bumpy ride to their eventual relationship. The two keep missing chances with each other before getting together at the end of season five. Sadly, their relationship doesn’t survive her magic, however – Sabrina gambles her love to save her Aunt Hilda, and loses. Josh, who has become a photographer, packs up to take a job in Europe at the end of season six.

Avan Jogia, star of Tut and Twisted, would make a fantastic Josh. Although he’s only a few years older than Abigail Breslin, he has a much more mature look – and one that suits a coffee house manager/aspiring photographer perfectly. Although much of his past work has been in more serious dramas, a teenage comedy would be a great change of pace.

9. Roxie King – Naya Rivera

roxie naya rivera What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Sabrina’s college roommate, Roxie, is a passionate activist – for a whole range of causes! A vegetarian (and sometimes vegan), environmentalist, feminist, and animal rights activist, Roxie has a personality as strong as her beliefs and is determined to make the world a better place. However, her sharp edges often bring her into conflict with other people, and when she first meets Sabrina the two do not get along. Eventually, Roxie realizes that Sabrina hasn’t had the easy life that Roxie first thought, and the two slowly become best friends – with Roxie eventually moving into the Spellman household.

In the original series, Roxie was played by Soleil Moon Frye, a real-life friend of Melissa Joan Hart (and another child actor). We’d love to see her replaced with Naya Rivera, who is known for playing Santana Lopez in Glee.  A talented up-and-comer in the TV world, Rivera is a little older than some of the other actresses here (at 29), but she still looks like a college student and it wouldn’t be the first time that an older actress took on a younger role.

8. Morgan Cavanaugh – Melissa Rauch

morgan melissa rauch What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Another one of Sabrina’s college roommates, Morgan is the polar opposite to Roxie. Pretty, spoiled, and superficial, Morgan is more interested in clothes and boys than studying (although she later puts her love of clothing to good use as a fashion designer). Her rich parents and easy life can often make her a little clueless and inconsiderate, but Morgan never means to be cruel– she just doesn’t know any better. Despite their differences, Sabrina and Roxie eventually see that Morgan has a good heart, and the three girls become very close friends.

Originally played by Elisa Donovan, we’d love to see a new version of Morgan brought to life by The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch. Although Rauch plays a nerdy girl in the hit comedy, she’s an absolute stunner, and her perky nature, comedic timing, and high-pitched voice would be perfect for this slightly annoying (but very lovable) college girl.

7. Miles Goodman – Dev Patel

miles dev patel What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

College friend and lovable weirdo Miles Goodman didn’t stick around as long as Sabrina’s other college housemates, but he made an impact nonetheless. Slightly dorky and very alternative, Miles is a conspiracy theorist who believes in aliens and the paranormal… but he drew the line at witches, even though he lived with one! (Obviously, Miles never found out Sabrina’s secret.) Miles also had a crush on Roxie, although a romantic storyline between the two of them never really developed.

Dev Patel would be a fantastic choice to bring Miles back for a new audience. The star of Slumdog Millionaire and The Newsroom is no stranger to playing slightly geeky roles – he was a robotics developer in Chappie, and has the perfect quirkily handsome look that would make him a charming college nerd in the series. The original Miles was written out of the show earlier than planned due to a negative fan reaction, but we’re sure that he would be much more likeable the second time around.

6. Aaron Jacobs – Tristan Mack Wilds

aaron tristan wilds What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Sabrina’s final major romantic interest, Aaron only appears in the seventh (and final) season of the show. A band promoter who meets Sabrina at Scorch Magazine, Aaron and Sabrina have a whirlwind romance, despite the fact that many of her friends and family aren’t huge fans. Salem, in particular, despises Aaron from the start. Despite this, Aaron and Sabrina nearly get married, before Sabrina realizes on the day of her wedding that she is still in love with Harvey.

Tristan Mack Wilds, known for his role as Dixon Wilson on 90210, would be a great choice for this brief but all-important character in Sabrina’s life. He’s got plenty of experience with the kind of dramatic storyline that we see with Aaron, after all. Handsome and charming, it would be easy to believe Sabrina could fall for this version of Aaron so quickly, even if we all know that she is going to end up with Harvey in the end.

5. Harvey Kinkle – Lucas Till

harvey lucas till What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

Sabrina’s teenage sweetheart, Harvey, is the main love interest for the first several seasons of the series, although his relationship with her eventually mellows into a deep friendship, rather than love. Still, their romance is a truly sweet one, even though it has to overcome some serious magical obstacles in the beginning. Later, when Harvey knows the Spellman’s secret, he becomes a good friend to everyone in the family – despite the strangeness of it all.

Harvey was originally played by Nate Richert, in a role that made him a serious ‘90s heartthrob. We’d love to see Lucas Till as Harvey in a reboot – and he’s certainly got the boy-next-door charm to pull it off. With Till about to star in the upcoming MacGyver reboot, he’d also have the experience as the lead in a small-screen series that would make him perfect for this supporting role (although if this new series takes off, he might not have the time!).

4. Salem (voice) – Hank Azaria

salem hank azaria What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

The Spellmans’ cat, Salem, is much more than your ordinary feline. He’s actually a 500 year old witch bent on world domination – but when his plans went awry, the Witches Council sentenced him to live as a cat for a century as punishment. Although he still talks about taking over the world, Salem has also become a part of the Spellman family and often helps Sabrina as she trains to be a full-fledged witch.

Salem was originally voiced by Nick Bakay, although he obviously appeared on screen as a pure black cat. He’s got something of a sarcastic voice, and one that we think that Hank Azaria would do a wonderful job of breathing new life into. As a long-time voice actor on The Simpsons, Azaria certainly has the skills to bring Salem to life again for a whole new audience. And this time around, we’d like to see a slightly more realistic animatronic animal used!

3. Hilda Spellman – Sarah Chalke

hilda sarah chalke What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

The younger of the two aunts who take in the young Sabrina, Hilda is also the louder (and ditzier) sister. With a particularly loud and colorful sense of style, Hilda could be described as tacky if she didn’t have such a big heart – too big, some might say, given her tumultuous dating adventures throughout the series. Despite appearing a little scatterbrained at times, she’s a deceptively powerful witch who is a real help to Sabrina at times, and a devoted aunt to her teenage charge.

Originally played by actress and stand-up comedian Caroline Rhea, Hilda needs an actress with a real sense of humor to do her justice. Sarah Chalke would be a perfect candidate for the role – although not as curvy as the original Hilda, the Scrubs star is a phenomenal comic actress. She’s also more than capable of capturing the bright, bubbly nature (and slightly bonkers personality) that Hilda is famous for.

2. Zelda Spellman – Elizabeth Mitchell

zelda elizabeth mitchell What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

The elder Spellman sister, Zelda is the disciplinarian in the Spellman household. She’s also the brain of the family, and is both a scientist and a college physics professor at various points throughout the series. Although she is often seen laying down the law and steering Hilda and Sabrina toward more logical decisions, she does have her fun side as well. She tends to be the one clearing up the other Spellman messes, and she’s always there to give great advice.

She was originally played by Beth Broderick, who also directed three episodes of the series (“Making The Grade”, “Cloud Ten”, and “Guilty”). Elizabeth Mitchell would be a phenomenal Zelda for a new generation – with plenty of experience under her belt, and the perfect blend of softness and strength. Her time as the Snow Queen in Once Upon A Time should convince anyone that she’s more than capable of being a harsh ruler of the Spellman household, but she’s shown her softer side in many other roles.

1. Sabrina Spellman – Abigail Breslin

sabrina abigail breslin What If Sabrina The Teenage Witch Was Cast Today?

The star of the show, chirpy blonde Sabrina moves in with her wacky aunts when her parents head to opposite ends of the globe for their respective jobs. At first, she thinks that her family is just a little odd, but she soon finds out that Hilda and Zelda are witches – and so is she! She attempts to navigate high school at the same time as learning how to control her newfound powers.

In the original series, Sabrina was brought to life by Melissa Joan Hart, now the star of Melissa and Joey. We’d love to see her replaced by Abigail Breslin, known for Little Miss Sunshine and Zombieland. She’s grown up a lot since those days, and is now playing Libby Putney/Chanel #5 in Scream Queens. At twenty, she’s already got some serious experience under her belt, and it’s the perfect time for her to take center stage as the lead in her own series.

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