What If: 15 People The Hulk Has Killed In Alternate Realities

Marvel Civil War 2 Hulk Attack

We all know that Marvel’s Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk is a man who finds it hard to control his temper. Acting out of sheer impulse at times rather than because of his personal feelings or ambitions, he leads a cautious life due to his sudden transformations and uncontrollable violence. Everybody around Banner has to be aware that at any minute he could snap, but some haven’t been so careful. To be frank, some people have poked and prodded and even deserved the inevitable when it comes to fighting against Hulk.

While there are a couple of occasions you may be able to recall when The Hulk actually took the life of a fellow Marvel character, we’ve decided to delve deep into the archives for some moments that won't jump to mind when thinking about the jade giant’s body count.

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Here are 15 People The Hulk Has Killed.

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Hulk Kills Thanos Marvel Zombies Comics
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15 Zombie Thanos

Hulk Kills Thanos Marvel Zombies Comics

Hulk didn’t take kindly to Thanos’s jibes during Marvel Zombies 2. Shortly after the Mad Titan became infected with the zombie virus and joined the Zombie Galacti (a group of recognizable faces, but in zombie form), Hulk clapped his hands together with Thanos’ head between them. Complaining about the Hulk's eating habits would prove to be the reason for zombie Thanos' demise. Blaming Hulkster for eating more than his fair share of recent meals and causing his fellow zombies to go hungry, Thanos found himself on the receiving end of a Hulk Smash that would go down in history. Upon taking him out, he justified his actions: “Hulk has stopped it. Now Hulk can eat for two - - eating Prune Chin’s food. Problem solved.” It’s a shame really that Thanos was killed so early on, as his interactions with Hulk could have been a hilarious thread moving through the rest of the series. After the kill, Hulk joined the rest of the Zombie Galacti in attacking miscellaneous planets in deep space and feasting upon whatever they could find in a bid to starve off their hunger pangs.

14 Logan's Family

Jade Logan Death Old Man Logan Comic Book

Wolverine: Old Man Logan took fans on an adventure through time, jumping 50 years ahead and introducing the titular mutant's family to readers. Living on a farm for which they paid rent to the Hulk Gang, Logan's closest found themselves in a spot of trouble when they were threatened by the gang with death if they weren't able to pay rent for the family abode on time. Logan came home two weeks early with the cash in a bid to save his loved ones, but quickly discovered that the money may not have been as big of a driving factor with the Hulk Gang as they made out. Upon returning home, he saw that his family had been slaughtered because the Hulk Gang had "got bored", according to his neighbour. Despite his neighbour's pleas to do the Christian thing and give them a proper burial, Logan unsheathed his hand-blades for the first time in 50 years and made the transition back into Wolverine. In taking his revenge, he took out each member of the Hulk Gang he came across before being devoured by the Hulk. Fortunately, Hulk didn't chew and Logan burst out of the creature's stomach, marching on with his path of destruction and revenge.

13 James Howlett

New Exiles Marvel Comics Hulk Wolverine

Despite his tremendous healing factor, Wolverine has been taken out a few times in various Marvel "What If" stories, often at the hands of the Hulk. In one such story, the Hulk used the Annihilation Wave to kill his superhero enemies after being exiled from Earth. Warriors of Annihilus picked up the green beast whilst he floated aimlessly through the air, but would live to regret it when Hulk killed them for their troubles and turned his attention towards the Annihilation Wave, and planet Earth. Within two months, Hulk had proved that nothing could stop him in his attempts to wipe out humanity and had taken the lives of many superhumans and heroes that lived on the planet. A future version of Wolverine would also be killed during the Maestro’s rise to power, with his skeleton placed on display in Rick Jones’s trophy room. He also succumbed to wounds inflicted by Hulk in the aptly-titled What If… The Hulk Killed Wolverine? Have the pair ever really gotten on?

12 Anthony Stark

Anthony Stark Iron Man Death by Hulk comics

As a member of the previously-mentioned Zombie Galacti, Anthony Stark’s Iron Man was defeated by the Hulk when the beast managed to break through Stark’s armor by stomping one of his huge feet down onto his chest. All it took was one slam of the foot to bring the fan-favorite character down; a sad thing, for sure, when we’ve seen Iron Man battle and conquer so much in the past. Unfortunate too, for he and his fellow zombie companions had finally discovered how to stop their hunger pangs. Transforming back into his human form, Banner begged to die after causing so much chaos when faced by Wolverine, Spider-Man and company. They granted him his wish, bringing his life to a swift end and promising to go on and help those whose lives they had torn apart. Noble actions, especially from a group of former flesh eaters.

11 Fenrir

Fenrir Death Hulk Broken Worlds Comic

Fenrir is an out of left field character to bring to this line-up, and an entity whose time in Hulk: Broken Worlds came to a quick end. Forever destined to eat the Moon (and the Sun, and Odin…) prior to the events of future apocalypse Ragnarok, the large canine decided to try and take a chunk out of the Earth’s satellite before his official meal time, so Hulk (who found the Moon very ‘pretty’) flung himself through time and space and used a creature known as the Jormungandr to bring Fenrir’s life to an end. Beating Fenrir to death, Hulk saved his new favourite toy from finding its way into the hound’s bowels. The book has some of the most stunning Hulk art that’s been delivered to-date; what’s not to love about a strip that ends: ‘Hulk: Smashes to a mythological degree’?

10 Himself (Maestro)

Maestro Hulk Comics Future Imperfect

Doctor Doom’s time machine came into action during the The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect series. The Maestro had plans to take over the world, but those who would oppose him decided to bring Professor Hulk into the future from the past in a bid to take down the all-powerful entity once and for all. At first it all seemed to be for nothing, as Maestro used his quick thinking and knowledge to defeat Hulk, snapping his neck (but knowing he would soon heal) and showing him around the city in an attempt to get the younger version of himself on side. Hulk however stuck by the rebels, luring Maestro back to the rebel’s base and using the time machine to send Maestro back to the point in which the Hulk was first created. In the same moment that the experiment went wrong and the Hulk was born, the Maestro was killed, having appeared next to the atomic Gamma Bomb just moments before it blew. A lick of justice that saw Maestro's tyrannous reign brought to an end by the very experiment that birthed him.

9 Peter Parker

Hulk Spider-Man What If Comics

Peter Parker – like many characters included on this list – has been attacked and killed by the Hulk on more than one occasion. The version we’re looking at here however is from the What If? series. Imagining a world that was invaded by the serpent Set, a drug defiled the oceans around the globe and turned many of the world's heroes and villains reptilian. Peter Parker’s Spider-Man was one of those affected, who swiftly attacked Hulk after realizing the giant hadn’t succumbed to the drug. With Set close to taking over the world, those who weren’t affected did their best to fight back. Hulk hesitated in killing former friends, but only slightly, breaking Colossus's neck and killing Rogue, before bringing Spider-Man's life to an end. While Hulk fought bravely, he turned out to be no match for Andromeda and She-Hulk who knocked the wind out of him, allowing Scarlet Witch enough time to turn him back into Bruce Banner. As Banner he was useless in the fight and quickly had his head smashed in.

8 The Avengers

Hulk Thor Maestro Comics

The What If? series is one that has allowed writers to play around a lot with different versions and alter-egos of the Hulk, no more so than in What If… The Hulk Had Evolved Into The Maestro?. The cover art on the comic book confirmed the death of a number of notable heroes, including the Avengers team with Thor Odinson draped over a rock whilst Mr. Fantastic’s stretched body was wrapped around Hulk’s fist. With such powerful beings destroyed, it was clear exactly how powerful a Hulk cured of his multiple personalities and evolved into the Maestro would have been. Readers have now seen on more than one occasion exactly how much chaos and destruction can be caused by the Maestro, so it’s fair to say he’s an iteration of the Hulk that the Avengers will be hoping doesn’t come to fruition any time soon…

7 Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew Spider Woman Hulk Comics

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) was another hero taken out by the Annihilation Wave following Hulk’s expulsion into space. Another version of Jessica’s Spider-Woman was killed by the Maestro during his rise to power. Part of her costume was placed in his trophy room which eagle-eyed readers could spot if they looked closely enough. While she hasn’t had the best relationship with the Hulk throughout the years (he also pretty much forced her to witness Spider-Man’s potential death when he destroyed the portal to the Dark Dimension in the Ultimatum storyline), Jessica has joined the Lady Liberators in the past alongside She-Hulk and various other female superheroes, all of whom were trying to discover the identity of the Red Hulk.

6 Jean Grey

Jean Grey Hulk Marvel Zombies Comics

As one of the most powerful mutants who has ever lived, Jean Grey has been through some rough times against those who would oppose her. As yet another hero who was zombified during the Marvel Zombies 2 series, she was confident in the guise of Dark Phoenix when going up against Hulk, even promising that she would make his death a swift one. The giant had turned on his fellow zombie companions, claiming he would eat everyone and everything he came across. Unfortunately for her, her promise to Hulkster turned out to be a hollow one, as it would be her life that would come to an end that day. The Hulk smashed his fist right through the right hand side of her body before crushing her head. Bruce Banner may be one of the kindest characters in the Marvel Universe, but his alter ego certainly isn’t afraid of getting his hands (quite literally) dirty when the time calls for it.

5 Steven Rogers

Hulk Captain America Age of X Universe comic

Captain America is a man who usually does his best to remain cool, calm and collected throughout his battles and confrontations, no matter what dangers he may be facing. During one particular mission however, he succumbed to bloodlust and killed Mystique, only to discover she was protecting mutant children from the team tasked with hunting all mutants down. Readers were left hoping for vengeance, and it would be Hulk who dealt it out. Captain America may have called off the mission after realizing his mistake, but after leading the Avengers in defence of Fortress X, a brainwashed Hulk battered Steven Rogers before the Captain’s legs were ripped from his body in a brutal and violent scene. Capt didn’t die immediately however, still issuing commands to his team whilst lying on the battlefield before taking his final breath. It soon became clear in this story that 'winning' wasn't an option for the characters involved, who simply had to make the best of the rough hands they were dealt.

4 Herr Kleiser

Herr Kleiser Hulk Ultimates Comics

Herr Kleiser is a man who can take a heck of a lot of damage while causing mass destruction. Before the Hulk was called in to finish him off by pounding him into the ground, tearing him limb from limb and chewing on him as a snack, Kleiser had already taken a beating during a fight against Captain America. Displaying superhuman strength and near-instant healing, his time looked to be up when he was sliced in half by Capt, but that wasn’t where the back-and-forth would end. Kleiser's healing ability again reigned supreme and showcased its true level of power, leading to intentional trauma being inflicted on Bruce Banner. The Hulk finished the job, but even eating the corpse of his victim didn’t leave S.H.I.E.L.D. convinced that the shapeshifting villain was gone for good, who believed his powers may have allowed him to even survive the super-digestive process. Collecting Hulk’s excretions for analyzation and destruction, Kleiser’s time on Earth was finally brought to a distinct end.

3 Ultron

Ultron Marvel Universe Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Created by Dr. Henry Pym, Ultron is an Android that uses human brainwaves who got on the wrong side of the Avengers in Marvel Universe: Avengers – Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Attacking the iconic group (after his programming caused him to believe the best way of maintaining peace would be to destroy humanity), it appeared that Ultron had killed Thor, but was quickly torn to bits by Hulk. Despite being killed here, the programming survived by smartly transferring its mind into another body, before taking control of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and attempting to launch an entire nuclear arsenal across the planet. Ultron was taken down again a little later in the story, when his formerly loyal servant, Vision, had the Avengers released from imprisonment. Thor took his revenge and smashed Ultron's head before an explosion saw the Android's body explode, burning everything in his hidden base.

2 Rhino

Rhino Hulk Marvel Zombies Comics

It was during the original Marvel Zombies series that Rhino and Hulk went up against one another while various other big name heroes and villains fought at their sides. Infected with the Zombie Contagion, Rhino would fight against the Power Cosmic Zombies (which included Hulk) as the two sides clashed over the fallen body of Galactus with dinner on the brain. Unfortunately for Rhino, it was Hulk and his fellow zombies that ended up winning the battle, tucking into the innards of Galactus as their spoils. The feast wouldn’t stop their hunger for long though, and it was only a matter of moments before Hulk and his group were back on the hunt for more meat. Hulk and Rhino would go on to fight one another once more in the animated television series, Ultimate Spider-Man. Fortunately for both sides, they managed to keep their lives.

1 Luke Cage

Luke Cage Hulk Comics

At first glance, Luke Cage is just another hero that was killed in the initial assault on Earth by the Hulk in the "Annihilation Wave" What-If story. There are a few subtle differences, with one of the main ones being that Cage's life didn't have to be lost that day. The Exiles were working hard to stop the body count from climbing, and could have saved Luke and other victims, but were forced to deal with Proteus and missed out on the opportunity. Before his death, Cage had been planning on starting an underground movement of superheroes to work against the Hulk’s reign, with Quentin Quire his second-in-command. Alas, it wasn’t to be; Hulk wiped out much of humanity in his bid to destroy planet Earth. All this because he was flung into space by a few heroes who didn’t think the world could handle him. How right they were…

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