What If Trump Was President When Captain America Was Woken Up?

Screen Rant's Ryan George takes a break from reenacting movie pitch meetings to imagine what would happen if Captain America had woken up in 2018 instead of 2011... and had to have President Donald Trump explained to him.

Steve Rogers has had quite a journey throughout the ten years of Marvel Cinematic Universe stories so far: battling Red Skull and Hydra during World War II, crashing a plane and getting frozen in ice for 70 years, meeting a Norse god, saving New York City from aliens, and listening to Marvin Gaye's Trouble Man soundtrack for the first time. But even with all the strange things that he has been through, Cap still struggles to cope with the contents of Trump's Twitter feed.

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Before he was elected in 2016, Donald Trump had a small cameo appearance in New Avengers #47. In that comic, Trump failed to pull over to the side to let an ambulance go past, so Luke Cage gave him a hand by picking up his limousine and moving it out of the way. An irate Trump threatened to sue Luke, but then quickly thought better of it.

Donald Trump and Luke Cage in New Avengers

Traditionally in Marvel Comics canon, the current president is always the same as in the real world, though Trump has yet to make in appearance in the comics since his election. Obama made an appearance in an issue of The Amazing Spider-Man after his election in 2008, and was saved by Spider-Man after the crafty supervillain Chameleon disguised himself as Obama and created confusion over which was the real president.

The MCU, meanwhile, has largely steered clear of the currently turbulent state of American politics, though movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War have touched on broader issues, such as the dilemma of national security vs. personal liberty, and the ethics of American intervention in overseas crises.

The canon answer as to who is currently president in the MCU is a little complicated. In the movies, the only president we've met is Matthew Ellis, who was elected in 2012 on a platform of shoring up Earth's defenses against pesky alien invasions. However, Luke Cage has referenced both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, indicating that both have served at least one term in the MCU. Of course, in the wake of Avengers: Infinity War there's a 50% chance that America will need a new president anyway.

Beyoncé definitely survived, though.

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