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Every Outfit That Walter White Wore on Breaking Bad in One Image

Every Outfit That Walter White Wore on 'Breaking Bad' in One Image

Clothes tell you a lot about a person. Our sense of style is a reflection of ourselves, after all.

That's the idea behind Walt's Wardrobe, a website that created graphic replicas of every outfit that Breaking Bad protragonist Walter White ever wore on AMC's hit show.

Who is Heisenberg without his pork-pie hat and some sunglasses? Walter White without his tighty whities? The show's characters could definitely argue that clothes make the man.


Trash Can of the Year

r2d2 trashcan


**Spoiler Alert** New Star Wars Episode VII Set 

Episode VII set


LOGO's Brony Documentary Isn't What You Think

CONAN Highlight: Bronies are guys who are obsessed with My Little Pony. Or at least, that's what most of them say.


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