What Are Ubisoft's 4 AAA Games Coming Before March 2020?

Ubisoft AAA Games 2020

Ubisoft announced yesterday that the company would be releasing 4 AAA games in the upcoming fiscal year, which ends March 2020. What wasn't indicated, however, is which games those might be — aside from Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Ubisoft's 2019-2020 plans have been largely left a mystery, characterized by which games won't be releasing more than which ones will be.

As far as we know, Assassin's Creed won't be coming this year, and has historically not released in the early months of a new year, either, making that franchise an unlikely candidate for Ubisoft's plans in the new fiscal year. Fans also know that Ubisoft has not traditionally considered the Just Dance series a AAA title, which seems to exclude that game from the potential release calendar as well — or, if it is present, it will be as an additional property throughout the fiscal year rather than one of the main IPs that have Ubisoft optimistic about 2019 and beyond. Skull & Bones was recently delayed, which also removes that title from consideration.

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Ubisoft's announcement suggests that all three of it's other AAA titles will be released in fiscal Q4, which is essentially made up of January 2020-March 2020. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint releases on October 4, 2019, making it the first of the four games Ubisoft has planned and the likely focal point of the company's marketing efforts until closer to the date. While we're likely to get an E3 2019 announcement that sheds some light on what Ubisoft's upcoming AAA titles are, it's worth speculating on them now, especially since Ubisoft described them as occupying a "unique genre" or "unique experience" according to industry insider Daniel Ahmad (aka ZhugeEX on Twitter):

It seems a safe bet that a new Splinter Cell is in the works, after a social media blunder-turned-joke had some of Ubisoft's top developers discuss working on a new title in the series on Twitter. The issue there is that it occupies a similar space to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, although if its a linear, stealth-based experience, that might be enough for Ubisoft to consider it a different experience and genre. It also seems like the return of Rayman is imminent, with fans speculating on his appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a crossover fighter that could indicate another Nintendo and Ubisoft team-up is coming at this year's E3.

Finally, it would seem as good a time as any to announce Watch Dogs 3, a game that will presumably be set in London after its predecessors tease ending cinematics indicated as such. If Watch Dogs 3 takes a tonal cue from Watch Dogs 2, the light-hearted, well-meaning open-world adventure will be vastly different from Breakpoint, making it enough of a dissimilar genre and experience to merit inclusion on this speculative list.

So there's our predictions: Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (the freebie), Splinter CellRayman (as part of a Nintendo collaboration) and Watch Dogs 3. Time will tell if these titles end up making the cut for Ubisoft's new, pre-March 2020 lineup, but it's a safe bet to expect way more details on what to expect during Ubisoft's E3 2019 conference in under a month.

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Source: ZhugeEX/Twitter

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