Westworld: 'The Well-Tempered Clavier' Promo Clip Teases Wyatt's Arrival

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As the first season of Westworld begins to edge towards its conclusion, many of the show's mysteries are beginning to unravel and the various disparate plot threads are finally starting to come together. Last night's episode, 'Trace Decay', saw Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) - recently revealed to be a host - continue to do Ford's (Anthony Hopkins) bidding in the latter's attempt to satisfy his god complex, Maeve (Thandie Newton) gain the frightening ability to manipulate other hosts and Delores (Evan Rachel Wood) and William (Jimmi Simpson) resume their habit of exploring the park whilst looking confused and wistful.

Crucially however, the episode took a significant step forward in answering one of Westworld's biggest mysteries, the identity of Wyatt, a question that has inspired multiple online fan theories. As Teddy (James Marsden) and the Man In Black (Ed Harris) entered the enigmatic Wyatt's territory, they happened upon a seemingly innocent young woman - who ended up being far more than first met the eye - and the episode ended with a tied-up M.I.B. being set upon by Wyatt's intimidating followers.

If the promo clip for Westworld's next episode, titled 'The Well-Tempered Clavier', is anything to go by, the identity of Wyatt will once again be at the center of proceedings, with the teaser depicting a shadowy figure standing in a church doorway and the M.I.B's voice-over demanding "take me to him." The clip also reveals William and Delores in a spot of trouble after being captured by the Will's ex-pal Logan and goes on to imply that Theresa's murder will have more serious ramifications on Bernard than Ford may have anticipated - with the host seemingly questioning his reality more intensely than ever.

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Predictably, the promo doesn't give any crucial details away, however the clip does infer that Wyatt's arrival may take place inside a church, possibly the same church Delores came across in 'Trace Decay' last night - a building that seems inexorably tied to both Arnold and The Maze. Despite Westworld's characters searching for seemingly different things, it's likely that many of their goals - whether that be Wyatt, Arnold or the next level of the park - are all connected in some way and if Wyatt's identity is indeed revealed in the next episode, the show's deeper narrative could begin to emerge just in time for the season finale.

The fan theories surrounding Wyatt are both plentiful and varied and range from highly plausible to faintly ridiculous. Many believe that the series' two McGuffins, Wyatt and Arnold, are actually the same person which, if true, would certainly clear up several story-lines in one fell swoop. Other theories suggest that the character will eventually be revealed as a familiar face to audiences. Pointing to Teddy's enigmatic and troubled past - some believe that the noble hero will turn out to be the park's most notorious villain but others are of the opinion that it'll be Delores who is actually - and perhaps unknowingly - Wyatt, especially given her length of service as a host and obvious ties to Arnold.

Currently, IMDB list actor Sorin Brouwers as the only man responsible for playing Wyatt - as seen during a flashblack in 'The Adversary' - which, if Teddy's memories aren't being manipulated, would likely rule out the villain being a character established in the show already. However, given that no actor is currently listed as playing Arnold, the theory that he and Wyatt are one and the same could still come to fruition. Given the amount of twists and turns featured in Westworld's eight episodes up until now, the reveal could go in a multitude of different directions and fans will have to wait until next week's 'The Well-Tempered Clavier' to find out the truth for certain.

Westworld continues with 'The Well-Tempered Clavier' November 27th on HBO.

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