Westworld Viral Site Reveals More Parks & Delos Founder

A brand-new Westworld season 2 viral site teases the existence of five more parks, including the previously teased Samurai World.

Thanks to the reveal of a new Westworld viral site, it looks as if Samurai World and other parks may be explored in season 2. With the finale of season 1 of Westworld, the many plots of the show came to a head while a vastly different season 2 was teased. But what we've heard from the minds behind the show and the recent Westworld season 2 tease hint that a version of normalcy may yet return to the series and its titular park. Of course, there's still plenty of chaos lurking around the corner.

The Westworld season 2 trailer that aired during the Super Bowl last night proved the hosts will be rising against their masters this year and causing all sorts of trouble. But we've heard hints of more timelines being utilized to show things still operating as usual for the park and its founders at Delos. Meanwhile, medieval and Roman Westworld parks have been teased alongside the Samurai World shown at the end of season 1. Now, we have more hints about the other parks and the man behind Delos.

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Redditor Askin 1 (via Nerdist) decoded various clues in the Westworld Super Bowl trailer and found they lead to the site for Delos Destinations. On the surface, the site is a slick, corporate page for the parks that customers can visit, but it also provides hints as to the future of the show. Most striking, we get to see a little more of Samurai World and learn there are six parks in total.

The 'Experience' section shows six parks, though only Westworld is available; the others are all convenient glitches. The 'About' section, however, provides the above images and the logo for Samurai World. The minds behind the series have been evasive when asked if we'll visit the locale, but the new site at least confirms it will continue to be teased. After all, with the hosts revolting, we can likely expect things to spill over into other parks.

Meanwhile, the 'Investors' section of the site redirects to Delos Incorporated, where we meet James Delos, the company's founder. Described as the man who envisioned the idea of the parks, there's a chance we could meet the creator this season. Then again, he could simply be a part of the expanding viral campaign. We've seen very little of Delos—or the real world—in Westworld, and things could continue that way. Hopefully, however, the madness of season 2 will pull more of the company and the outside world into the fold.

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Westworld season 2 premieres April 22 on HBO.

Source: Askin 1 (via Nerdist)

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