Westworld May Have Revealed The Valley Beyond

Westworld season 2 - Dolores

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Westworld season 2, episode 6


The sixth episode of Westworld season 2, "Phase Space", may have revealed the mysterious Valley Beyond: it may simply be the park's Mesa Hub.

First mentioned in the season 2 premiere, the Valley Beyond - also known as Glory - has been the stated goal of Dolores Abernathy. Since breaking her narrative loop and gaining full access to her memories, as well as the persona of the villainous Wyatt implanted in her memory banks by her creators Robert Ford and Arnold Weber, the former rancher's daughter has been on a path of vengeance. Dolores has gathered up her own army of Hosts, including Angela, Clementine, and Teddy Flood, whom she had reprogrammed.

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The Valley Beyond has been shrouded in secrecy, however. In typical Westworld fashion, it has been spoken of by several characters in riddles and metaphors. In "Reunion", Dolores and Teddy talked of the Valley Beyond and the now-fearsome cowboy said, “Glory. Valley Beyond. Everyone’s got a different name for it, and they’re all bound for the same destination.” This indicated it was a location, a tangible place to go to. But Dolores later contradicted this by stating, "An old friend was foolish enough to show me, long ago. And it’s not a place. It’s a weapon. And I’m going to use it to destroy them."

Dolores and Teddy in Westworld season 2

The "old friend" Dolores referred to was William, who took the Host he once romantically fancied to a section of Westworld that was under construction, implying that this place was the Valley Beyond. Later, William's elder self, the Man in Black, called the Valley Beyond his "greatest mistake." Fans since learned that William, spanning both eras of the timeline, was trying to perfect a human-host hybrid. William attempted to transplant the brain of his late father-in-law, James Delos, into the body of a Host and failed over 140 times. This is likely the "greatest mistake" the Man in Black was referring to.

But the old man could also have been referring to Delos' dark secret goal: collecting the DNA and data of the park's wealthy guests - information stored inside the Host named Peter Abernathy, which Charlotte Hale was in charge of delivering to Delos. Abernathy is currently stored inside the Mesa Hub, where Delos' Quality Assurance teams have assembled to regain control of the park.

By the end of "Phase Space", Dolores, Teddy, and her army are also en route to the Mesa Hub, and they announced their arrival by loading the 19th century train used to transport guests to and from Sweetwater with explosives and detonating it inside the park's massive control center. Is the Mesa Hub, then, the Valley Beyond?

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The map above from the Delos Destinations website shows the movements of Dolores' group and Maeve's group. Despite her roundabout maneuverings, Dolores' destination is clearly east towards the Mesa Hub, which houses the Cradle, which is the backup system where the personalities of all of the Hosts are stored. This is likely the very weapon Dolores seeks - all of the Hosts personalities and memories. She may even still be following the orders of Ford, whether or not she's aware of him still alive (in a way) inside the Cradle, meaning Dolores could still be on a narrative loop and not realize it.

It seems like most paths are leading to the Hub. Bernard and Elsie both also arrived at the Mesa to access the Cradle and try to determine how the program has been able to block (by improvising) all attempts at a system override. The malfunctioning Host ended up entering a virtual reality simulation of Sweetwater where he came upon Robert Ford in his elderly form portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. The Westworld founder has fashioned a form of immortality for himself in his beloved park - and it's different from the type of immortality his nemesis the Man in Black has failed at creating.

But it's also possible the Valley Beyond is literally that: the easternmost part of Westworld beyond what the maps have shown. Westworld has piled up the mysteries in season 2, but the answers are forthcoming.

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