New Westworld Posters Combine Technology & Humanity

Westworld Poster

To say that Westworld is the breakout TV hit of 2016 already, would probably be an understatement. Only two episodes in, and the HBO series - based on the 1973 film of the same name written and directed by Michael Crichton - has been on the receiving end of not only intense critical acclaim, but has brought in some of the network's best ratings in recent memory as well. After struggling for years to make it to the small screen, the new TV series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy has proven to be more than worth the wait.

With the series' third episode set to be released later this week as well (unless HBO decides to unveil it early like with last week's installment), two new posters for the show have been revealed online today, which put a unique visual twist on Westworld's central mix between technology and humanity.

Featuring the tongue-in-cheek taglines "Every Hero Has a Code" and "Some Places Make You Feel Alive," the new posters depict the usual cowboy silhouettes that usually represent typical western films and TV shows. Though, this time the silhouettes aren't made up of shadows, but instead, are cut outs of circuit boards.

Westworld Circuit Poster 1

Westworld Circuit Poster 2

HBO has been in search of a new series to take over as their premiere program when Game of Thrones isn't on for quite some time now, and with the early success of Westworld, it looks like they may have found their long-awaited winner. Following the disappointing second season of True Detective and the unfortunate, short run of Vinyl as well, the show's instant insertion into daily pop culture dialogue likely comes as some much-needed relief for HBO.

Now, it'll be interesting to see if Westworld continues to receive the same critical acclaim and strong numbers in the coming weeks, as more and more of the mysterious layers involving the characters and plot are peeled back. That could very well all depend on how satisfied viewers feel about the answers they receive to some of their most burning questions so far. To its credit, for a series about the eventual uprising of robots in a theme park, Westworld has moved surprisingly quickly in terms of planting the seeds and building towards the destruction and mayhem that everyone knows is on its way for both the guests and officials in Westworld. The fuse has been lit, so to say, but whether or not the explosion ends up being as exciting as waiting for it has been, will have to wait to be seen.

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Westworld airs every Sunday night on HBO.

Source: HBO

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