Why Is There A [SPOILER] In Westworld?

Westworld season 2 - Delos security

Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 2's premiere.


Westworld's season 2 will expand horizons and explore at least one other adjacent park - Shogun World - but the bizarre discovery of a dead tiger in the premiere suggests we could see even more of what Delos has to offer. We learned in season 1 that each of the parks is assigned a number, with Westworld presumably being Park 1 (since it's the original park). However, the structure and logistics of Delos Destinations' highly expensive collection of theme parks has been left somewhat unclear. It was only in this episode, for example, that we learned all of the parks are located on an island.

Towards the end of "Journey Into Night," Bernard, Ashley Stubbs, and Delos COO Karl Strand discover the dead body of a Bengal tiger, and Stubbs says that it must have somehow broken over from Park 6 - something that has never happened before. In season 1 the hosts of Westworld went on a rampage, and park co-founder Robert Ford deliberately sabotaged the automated security in order to facilitate the hosts' takeover, but it was unclear just how far the damage extended. Is it isolated within Westworld, or have other parks been affected as well?

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The dead tiger actually tells us a great deal. For starters, we now know that there are at least six parks in total. Further, the fact that the tiger was able to move from one park to another means that Westworld and Park 6 most share a border. That, coupled with the fact that the parks are on an island, suggests that the parks might be arranged in a sundial fashion, radiating out from a central hub, which would explain why Park 1 and Park 6 are side-by side. We have already seen glimpses of Shogun World in the trailers for season 2, but could there be even more parks revealed - and what might their themes be?

Westworld Season 2 Trailer - Maeve in ShogunWorld

All of the animals in the parks, like the human hosts, are artificially created - though advancements in technology have allowed them to be essentially indistinguishable from real animals. Given the popularity of real-life safaris and zoos, it makes sense that Delos might design a safari where the animals aren't kept behind bars or at a distance, but where people can actually pet a tiger or wrestle a bear - safe in the knowledge that they won't be harmed. If Park 6's hosts have also had their limitations removed, and there's a way for them to get to Westworld, things could get even more dangerous.

It's also possible that Park 6 isn't strictly animal-themed, but instead features a theme that happens to include Bengal tigers - an Indian setting, for example. We know that Westworld was created using terraforming technology, so Delos could have created any kind of environment or climate for Park 6. The only question is - what's in it?

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