Westworld Season 2: Shogun World Revealed

Thandie Newton as Maeve in Westworld

The latest trailer for Westworld Season 2 has finally revealed more from Shogun World, confirming the samurai theme park glimpsed last season will be explored this year. With so much mystery and talk of mazes in Season 1 of Westworld, it wasn't all that surprising when we got a cryptic look at another park's lab themed after feudal Japan. With hosts dressed in samurai attire and an emblem with the letters 'SW,' it seemed clear that the show would follow the movie's lead and one day tackle more parks. And with Season 2 around the corner, we now know even more about the new location.

Showrunners confirmed recently that Westworld's mysterious park is really named "Shogun World", and that it has a key part to play. We've known for awhile that Season 2 of Westworld would go beyond the titular park and Shogun World seemed the perfect place to start. What hasn't been clear was if it would be in the same state of chaos and uprising and how the humans would fare with even more rampaging hosts in the mix. Now, we have a pretty good idea of what things will be like.

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The Westworld Season 2 trailer finally released after a lot of teases from HBO. And while most of the time is spent dealing with the fallout of Season 1's finale - in short, chaos - we get a number of shots inside Shogun World and its lab towards the end. It looks exactly as you'd expect, although it's "who", not "what" that's interesting; not only do we see the hosts clearly revolting, but Maeve (Thandie Newton) appears amidst the bedlam decked out in a kimono.

ShogunWorld in Westworld Season 2 Trailer

Maeve's mission will not only see her liberating more hosts, but also attempting to find her "daughter", a mission that sees here travel all over; in the trailer we see her in the Delos labs, back in Westworld (albeit in what could simply be flashbacks to one of her former lives/roles), and in Shogun World. Given the way she's dressed and the shots of battle and a geisha, it seems safe to assume we'll explore quite a bit of what Shogun World is like as a park before Maeve inevitably causes all hell to break loose.

Thanks to the Westworld viral site, we've actually already seen glimpses of Shogun World's environment. Like the idyllic landscapes of Utah used for the Westworld park, Shogun World seems to feature stunning Japanese locales. Whether it's based in the country or located in an approximation near Sweetwater is unclear, but it looks from the trailer that we will indeed go inside the park and not just see the lab.

The question now becomes, where next? The Westworld site, designed to look like a real-world place to book a vacation, confirms the company has six parks total. We've heard Medieval and Roman parks could appear in Westworld the series just like in the film, which leaves two more potential locations for the show to explore. Likely, Season 2 won't go overboard diving into all these other parks, but we can probably expect the episodes to be less cryptic about their existence moving forward. What seems safe to assume from the trailer, however, is that the new story will dive heavily into Shogun World and offer us a look at how the park operates and what it looks like when its hosts join forces with those from Westworld.

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Westworld season 2 premieres April 22 on HBO.

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