Westworld Season 3 Teaser Trailer Introduces Aaron Paul's Character

Westworld Season 3 Teaser Aaron Paul

The first trailer for Westworld season 3 debuted ahead of the Game of Thrones series finale, and it introduces Aaron Paul's character in a world a long way from the park. The teaser also confirms that we can expect to see the next chapter in Dolores' story in 2020, though it doesn't specify a premiere date next year.

Marshawn Lynch, Lena Waithe, and Kid Cudi are also revealed among the cast of Westworld season 3, which leaves the park behind and takes place in the high-tech future outside of Westworld. The teaser trailer cleverly conceals the show it's promoting until the very end, when Aaron Paul's character comes across a blonde woman in a tunnel who appears to be injured. He offers her help and she looks up to reveal... it's Dolores!

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There are what appear to be several glimpses of Dolores throughout the trailer, first in a gold dress and then later wearing the little black dress she's in at the end, shooting people in the street. Westworld season 2 ended with Dolores and Bernard escaping the park, and Dolores declaring her intent to build a new world for robots outside of the park - by violent means, if necessary. Based on this trailer, it seems as though Aaron Paul's character is dissatisfied with the current state of the world, and may well be interested in helping Dolores achieve her goal.

Paul's character appears to be a blue collar worker who makes extra cash on the side carrying out robberies (apparently there's an app for that in the future). Lena Waithe and Marshawn Lynch play members of the crew that he commits a robbery with. We see Paul's character sitting alongside a robot on a girder, and although it's a considerably less advanced model than those in Westworld, it demonstrates that AI does have a significant presence in the outside world.

In his voiceover, Paul indicates that the "real" world is not dissimilar to the fabricated world where we've spent the past two seasons: a "coat of paint" on the outside to make it look alright, but "rotting to pieces" on the inside. Struggling to find purpose, he says that he needs to find "something... someone real." Ironically, he finds what he's looking for in Dolores, who isn't what most people would think of as a "real" person.

Westworld season 3 is currently filming, and given the 2020 premiere date it may be a while before we see anything more from it. The teaser trailer was shown before Game of Thrones not only to get a lot of eyes on the first piece of promotion, but also likely as part of an effort to prevent people from cancelling their HBO Now subscriptions with a reminder of other shows on offer. After a rocky second season, however, Westworld will have to deliver something truly impressive to get people back onboard.

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