What To Expect From Westworld Season 3

Westworld season 2 finale post-credits scene

The Man In Black's Future Is Dark

Going into Westworld Season 3, the future of William, a.k.a. the Man in Black, is bleak. Season 2 definitively revealed William to be a monster, as if there was any prior doubt; his backstory and his misdeeds were thoroughly explored. He took control of the company after his father-in-law James Delos died, but he then made 149 failed attempts to recreate James as a Host. William was the mastermind behind Delos' data mining its guests and employees for profit and to create human-host hybrids. What's more, he is the cause of his wife Juliet's suicide. Inside the park in the present narrative, the Man in Black was so obsessed with beating Robert Ford's game and finding The Door, he didn't believe his daughter Emily, who entered Westworld to bring him home, was really his child or a replica. As a result, William committed an unforgivable sin by murdering Emily in cold blood.

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The Man in Black could return for Season 3; he was shown to presumably be still alive on the beach waiting for transport out of the park at the end of "The Passenger". Although things go beyond that: Westworld Season 2's end-credits scene, set during an unknown time in the future, showed William trapped in a hellish loop being tested for fidelity by an A.I. version of Emily the way William once tested the Host version of James Delos. How these two aspects mix is unclear, but evidently self-dobut will lead to a very dark future for the character.

Will Westworld Reopen In Season 3?

Westworld Character Guide Ashley Stubbs

For all this talk of world domination and torture, the show is still called Westworld, and so there is the question of what comes of the theme park in Season 3. The number of deaths that occurred in the park involving both human and Hosts was staggering. In addition, a great many of the Hosts were killed; some made it through the Door, but it's likely they can and will be rebuilt, possibly with different narrative loops and personalities (though with chief creatives Robert Ford and Lee Sizemore both dead, the park will need new writers.) The resurrection of Maeve, who died helping her daughter escape through the Door, was teased to be Oscar and Felix's next project, meaning at the least the superpowered former madam could return in Season 3.

However, there are five other parks adjacent to Westworld (fans have only seen Shogun World and the Raj), and only some of the Westworld Hosts made it through the Door. The Hosts in the other parks seemingly weren't given the chance at entering the afterlife. Those other parks could possibly be reopened for guests more quickly if Delos is still actually in the theme park business.

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Since there were so many Delos higher-ups who died in the Westworld Season 2 finale, including the real Charlotte Hale, Elsie Hughes, and Karl Strand, "The Passenger" left Ashley Stubbs more or less in charge of the park. Stubbs revealed himself to be a Host all along when he allowed Dolores/Charlotte to exit the park, and he indicated he also knew she was a Host. Regardless of his true nature, there is a monumental clean-up job Stubbs must now oversee.


Westworld Season 3 isn't likely to premiere until late 2019 or 2020. Regardless, many frustrated fans are hoping Season 3 embraces a less deliberately obfuscating story structure and that Westworld returns to the narrative splendor of Season 1.

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