What To Expect From Westworld Season 3

Westworld Season 2 completely changed the series, with many characters killed while others found a new purpose. Here's what was set up for Season 3.

Westworld Season 2 Dolores and Charlotte and Bernard

Westworld Season 3 is already on the way, and considering how Season 2 ended we actually know a lot about what's the come. The heavily-criticized second season took place over multiple timelines, motivated by the memories of several characters, primarily malfunctioning Host Bernard Lowe. Many fans found trying to follow the narratives challenging and frustrating, with the season sacrificing character development in favor of deliberately confusing subterfuge. Season 2 shuffled back and forth between various points of time depicting the events in the theme park in the wake of the Hosts' uprising. The season also unveiled Westworld's location and showed two more of the six theme parks housed on the massive island: Samurai World and The Raj.

Complicating matters further, the series jumped to the even more distant past to show the origins of Westworld and to illuminate the secret, dark true goals of the Delos Corporation: the data mining of the parks' four million guests in a bid to eventually place human consciousnesses in Host bodies. But it went even deeper, revealing the late Robert Ford's master plan to give some of the Hosts a new world to inhabit, which was a simulated reality within Westworld's System where they would be freed of both their programmed narratives and their human masters.

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In the Season 2 finale "The Passenger", all points converged in the Valley Beyond, a.k.a. the Door, a.k.a. the Forge, which is where the data of all of the Hosts and guests were kept. Some Hosts like Maeve's daughter, Teddy Flood, and the Ghost Nation made it through to their virtual reality Nirvana, indicating their stories may be over. Other major human and Host characters died, but this is Westworld and death isn't necessarily a permanent state of being.

The concluding events of the finale attempted to answer Season 2's big questions and mysteries. It also set up a new paradigm for Season 3, so let's sort out what Westworld looks to be about when the series returns.

Dolores Has A New Plan In Westworld Season 3

Westworld season 2 - Dolores

Dolores Abernathy was refashioned as a villain and spent Westworld Season 2 leading a Host army to the Valley Beyond to find "a weapon" there. Dolores's actual plan was never clear, nor were her roundabout actions to get to the Valley Beyond, but her intentions were always vengeful towards humans. She spoke about "destroying their world" but also noted that the Hosts couldn't survive there if they escaped Westworld. Overall, Dolores hated both the Delos Corporation and in a larger sense, the human race she was occasionally allowed to walk among in her early days.

In "The Passenger", Dolores and Bernard made it to the Forge where they discovered The System, which controlled the virtual reality world meant for humans and the one intended for Hosts once they pass through the Door. Dolores decided the Hosts deserve better than another fake world to live in so she flooded the System, only for to Bernard shot and kill her.

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However, Bernard then built a Host version of Charlotte Hale and uploaded Dolores' consciousness into it. The Dolores/Charlotte Host promptly murdered and replaced the real Charlotte (this means that the Charlotte fans watched in the Two Weeks Later timeline was always Dolores posing as Charlotte). Dolores now has what she wanted: the freedom to leave Westworld, and she did it by impersonating one of Delos' highest-ranking executives. This doesn't bode well for the unsuspecting humans in Westworld Season 3.

Dolores Will Try To Destroy Delos From Within In Westworld Season 3

Westworld - Charlotte Dolores twist

Westworld Season 3 looks set to spend a great deal more time outside the confines of Westworld and following Dolores' activities in the real world. When she escaped the park, Dolores/Charlotte also took about a half-dozen pearls that contain the control units of Hosts in her bag, although which minds are in those balls is a mystery. In the real world, Dolores made her home in the house Bernard's human predecessor Arnold Weber built for his family, which came complete with a Host-making 3D printer. With that, Dolores built a new Host body of herself and also rebuilt Bernard. The closing moments of the episode showed Dolores testing the Bernard she built for fidelity, but the Charlotte Host was also there, suggesting Dolores now has the ability to inhabit two Host bodies at once.

What's interesting (and a bit confusing) is the reason why Dolores rebuilt Bernard: apparently, she wants her "old friend" to also serve as her antagonist. In the past, Bernard/Arnold noted Dolores' desire to kill humans and destroy 'their world'. Though she resurrected Bernard, Dolores stated that she did it so that she and Bernard would be enemies, setting up a Host vs. Host rivalry for Season 3. Now that she is also able to pose as Charlotte Hale, what Dolores will do next (and kind of damage she can potentially cause to the company that literally made her) is set to be one of the focal points of Season 3, along with Bernard trying to stop her. And of course, there are still some mystery control units Delores can use to build more Hosts as allies (or enemies) in the real world.

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