Westworld Season 3 Officially Ordered by HBO

HBO has already renewed Westworld for a third season, promising the latest batch of episodes is only the beginning. HBO clearly knows what they have (and are losing) in Game of Thrones, as the series has become a cultural event and appointment television in an era of streaming. Naturally, the network is currently working on spinoffs for the hit show, but it's also investing in genre TV outside of Westeros.

Though Westworld has received mixed critical reception, it's proven to be every bit the hit and cultural touchstone as Game of Thrones. Reddit lights up with new theories after every episode and missing the show by even a day can mean succumbing to spoilers. The most recent episode of Westworld further expanded the show's mythology and offered more insight into the park and the outside world. It's clear the show has plenty of story left to tell and many more mysteries to tease out, and now it appears HBO is giving the creators the chance to do just that.

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HBO officially announced the renewal of Westworld for a third season. With only two episodes of season 2 having aired so far, the move shows the network has every confidence in the show and that they're still pleased with the ratings and reception.

As Variety notes, Westworld averaged 13.2 million viewers each week in 2016 during the show's first season. That's right in the realm of Game of Thrones, and Westworld's batch of Emmy nominations is another plus for the show. All told, it's clear that genre shows with vast ensembles and plenty of mystery are becoming HBO's bread and butter.

We don't know what this season of Westworld will accomplish, but most of the story seems focused on the history of the park and the uprising from last season. Since we know their are six parks in Westworld total, though, that means a number of other locations can still be explored. We saw a tease in the season premiere of a park with Bengal tigers, and this season will bring us to other locales as well.

After the tease last season, the Westworld season 2 trailer revealed ShogunWorld. Maeve will at least be visiting the location, which is the second park Delos runs according to the show's viral site. What exists beyond that is anyone's guess, but Westworld has the opportunity to layer even more intrigue with multiple parks that could have their own ecosystems and uprisings. And if they all start bleeding into the real world, HBO's latest hit show could prove a smart way to mash-up a number of genres into one series.

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Westworld airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO.

Source: HBO

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