Westworld Season 3's Nazi Theme Park Proves The Show's Dark Secret

Warworld Nazi Theme Park in Westworld Season 3

The official trailer for Westworld season 3 revealed the existence of a Nazi park, confirming the dark desires of its visitors. So far, the sci-fi series, based on on the 1973 film directed by Michael Crichton, has revealed three separate theme parks. As the series has gone on, more details regarding the purpose of the parks have been unearthed.

Westworld, the Wild West-style theme park was the first attraction. The park was run by Delos Destintions Inc., a subsidiary of the much larger Delos Corporation. Westworld was constructed as a vacation destination for high-paying visitors to immerse themselves in new worlds without consequences. It was said to cost visitors $40,000 a day to spend in Westworld, meaning only a very specific demographic could afford the amusement park.

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In Westworld season 2, the existence of two more parks was confirmed. There was Shogunworld, which was explored by Maeve and housed Japanese samurai warriors. Then there was The Raj, a park that was primarily visited by caucasian guests served by Indian Hosts. Westworld season 3 will introduce Warworld, a WWII-themed park made to look like Fascist Italy. In the SDCC trailer, Maeve can be seen walking through the new park as Nazi flags are displayed on the buildings, and even gets in a fight with a few soldiers.

Thandie Newton as Maeve in Westworld Season 3

The fact that Delos would invent a theme park to cash in on a tumultuous time in the history of so many countries shows just how twisted the concept remains. Rich people paid money to leave their normal lives behind to take on a new persona in a fabricated reality. The Hosts are indisputably human-like, and guests are allowed to do whatever they want while in the parks, even if that means killing the A.I. employees. This isn't just some sick fantasy, parks like The Raj and Warworld are about a strange power trip.

Just as Westworld visitors were allowed to pick White Hat (good guy) or Black Hat (bad guy), it's assumed that guests would have been able to choose a Nazi equivalent in Warworld. Morals are thrown out of the window once guests board transports. For many of them, their darkness emerged when attending the theme park as seen with Logan Delos, the son of Delos Corporation's founder, James. Logan went wild in Westworld, getting a kick out of breaking the rules and murdering Hosts. But this was more than letting loose on vacation, this presented an indication of what kind of visitors that Westworld and the other parks attracted.

Now that Dolores is out of Delos' control and wandering the real world in Westworld season 3, viewers will learn about another segment of the population that can't afford to visit the parks, such as Aaron Paul's construction worker. Just as the Hosts were viewed as inferior in the eyes of visitors, many of the citizens of the modern-day world are looked down upon the same way. The obvious wealth gap will come into focus in Westworld season 3. Along the way, it will be interesting to see Delos' justification for building a WWII Nazi narrative.

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