Westworld Season 3 Casts Vincent Cassel As Potential New Villain

Vincent Cassel Westworld Season 3

French actor Vincent Cassel (Black Swan, Oceans 12) is the latest to join the cast of Westworld season 3. The big-budget sci-fi mind bender from HBO is starting production on its third season, bringing on board several new actors to help fill the void left by those seemingly left behind or killed off in the season 2 finale that, in keeping with the show’s MO, left far more questions than answers. In the lead up to season 3, however, there are some new questions, such as who will Cassel and his fellow newcomers be playing when the premium cabler steps back into the future?

Those questions will likely have to wait until the season premieres (if not longer) to be answered, as production on the series from Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy is notoriously tight-lipped, as its puzzle box narrative requires the utmost secrecy in order for viewers (i.e., redditor theorists working to solve the story before the show gets around to it) to get the most out of it. This time, though, Westworld will bring Emmy winners Aaron Paul and Lena Waithe, in addition to Cassel, to its various timelines. 

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As reported by Deadline, the series has cast Cassel in an as-yet-unnamed role, though the article states that there’s a good chance the actor will be playing the part of a villain in season 3. That information should spark a considerable amount of theorizing as to who Cassel could be playing, particularly with regard to the question of whether or not he’s a character who has already been seen or mentioned in the previous two seasons, or if he’s been created for this new storyline.


It’s also worth noting that whomever Cassel winds up playing may or may not be part of the actual Westworld park, as the series [spoiler] has (presumably) more or less left the Delos theme park behind and is ready to follow Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) in the real world. Then again, perhaps Cassel’s character is tied to the fate that befell Ed Harris’s Man in Black (or William) in the final moments of season 2. 

Regardless of how Cassel’s new character fits into the story of the new season the show itself will certainly benefit. As an actor, Cassel brings an impressive history of playing villainous types that will certainly add some gravitas to the twisty show. 

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Westworld season 3 is expected to air sometime in 2020 on HBO. 

Source: Deadline

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