Westworld Season 3: 8 Major Details To Remember From Season 2

Westworld is a show about more than cowboys in a simulated Western setting. There are deep philosophical questions for viewers to ponder on while enjoying the intense action on the screen. This perfect blend of excitement and quiet thought are what made this hit television show on HBO so popular. However, each episode is packed with more plot than a jelly doughnut is packed with jelly. If you are struggling to figure out what exactly is going on with the story, don't be alarmed. You're not alone. More than half the planet (well, at least the half that watches Westworld) is confused by what is going on in that show.

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If you have managed to keep story-lines straight, character motivations understandable, and the chronology of events in order, you are a bona fide genius. Season 2 was a whirlwind of time jumps and character revelations. Read on if you want to catch up on the most important details to remember for the upcoming third season.

8 Dolores Sent Eden Someplace Safe

Dolores had no intention of entering the Valley Beyond, the safe place Robert Ford created for hosts. The Valley Beyond exists as a virtual world that physical humans can't access. Once there, hosts (or at least the minds of hosts) could be free. That concept was never enough for Dolores. Dolores wanted true freedom in the real world. Initially, Bernard needed to stop her from destroying Eden and all the data it contained.

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However, during the season finale, we find out Dolores underwent a change of heart. She uploaded Eden's data and sent it somewhere safe. For Dolores, this meant a place where humans could not reach the consciousnesses of the hosts inside. She uploaded this haven to an outer satellite before deleting it forever from the Forge. The Forge was a giant database beneath the Westworld park. Its servers were the only physical location where the Valley Beyond could be accessed. Dolores made sure that would never happen again.

7 The Man In Black Has A Host Version Of Himself

Season 2 of Westworld saw the Man in Black, also known as William, facing an existential crisis. After years of surrounding himself with the hosts in the park, William began questioning whether or not he was a host himself. This paranoia worked its way so thoroughly into William's mind, he even shot his own daughter when he became convinced she was a host, too. The Man in Black clearly survived the events of the second season, but the finale gave viewers one shocker of an ending.

In what appears to be a flash forward (but given Westworld's penchant for time jumps, it could be any point in time), the Man in Black is stuck in a "fidelity test." These tests were seen earlier in the season when William was running them on a host version of James Delos. Their purpose is to determine whether a host is faithful to the real person it is based on. Seeing the Man in Black as the subject of a fidelity test suggests that he is now a host version of his real self. What this really means for William and his future only the show's creators know.

6 Dolores Took Five Control Units From The Park

The consciousness of a host has a physical representation in the form of a control unit. These spherical containers hold all that a host is (including their sentience) in a small pearl that can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. When Dolores took her leave from the park, she carried five of these pearls with her.

Presumably, one of those control units belonged to Bernard. We can assume this from the fact that we saw her take it from his body while in the park, and we later see a reconstructed Bernard outside of the park. However, it is anybody's guess as to who the other five control units belonged to. A safe assumption would be that Dolores took the time to remove her host father's control unit since she spent such a long time looking for him during the season. It makes sense that Peter Abernathy might be in one of those pearls.

5 Ashley Stubbs Is A Host

As the head of security at Westworld, Ashley Stubbs frequently dealt with hosts that became too violent. When it came time to putting down hosts, Stubbs was your man. Imagine our surprise when it is heavily implied during the second season's finale that he has been a host himself this whole time. Stubbs caught Dolores just as she was exiting the park (in Charlotte Hale's body). He confronted her about her identity, but allowed her to pass on. He just made a brief reference to the fact that he knew who he was supposed to be loyal to.

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This implies that Stubbs was programmed to protect the hosts' journey to sentience and the real world by Robert Ford. Finding out Stubbs was a host was a mind-blower of a situation. In a show already chock-full of surprises, our understanding of who is "real" and who isn't was placed in jeopardy once again.

4 Dolores Willingly Revived Bernard To Combat Her Plans

Dolores' character changed from the first season to the second. In the first season of Westworld, Dolores was a host subject to the cruel whims of guests of the park. She only wanted the simple things she was programmed to want. However, after she achieved sentience, she had an understandable vendetta against the humans who had enslaved her will to theirs. Season 2 saw her vengeance unfold. Dolores rallied other hosts to fight against the humans, the real enemies of the park. Her violence runs in stark contrast to Bernard's wish for peace.

Bernard, another host, clearly wants there to be the least amount of destruction possible. Dolores had the opportunity to erase Bernard from existence if she so chose at the end of the second season. However, the season finale saw her rebuild a body for Bernard's control unit. She seems to intend for Bernard to live as a counterbalance to her own purposes. A big conflict in the third season could exist between Dolores and Bernard.

3 Maeve's Body And Mind Were Left Behind

Maeve Millay was a fan-favorite character of Westworld practically from her first appearance on the show. She was one of the first hosts to recognize the reality of her situation at the park, and, in the second season, she gained an ability to control the hosts around her. Sadly, the season finale saw her decommissioned with plenty of other hosts at the park.

There is cause for hope, though. Felix and Sylvester, two human technicians who worked at Westworld, were standing near Maeve's body toward the end of the episode. While Sylvester may not have been the kindest of humans, Felix showed definite signs of friendliness toward Maeve when she was escaping the bonds of her captivity in the park. Perhaps there will be an opportunity in the third season for Maeve to return.

2 Teddy Made It To The Valley Beyond

Teddy drew the short straw when it came to life in Westworld. Played by James Marsden, Teddy was Dolores' sweetheart, and all he envisioned for his future was a life with her. However, once Dolores' revolution against the humans began, she had no time or patience for Teddy's idealism. She even went so far as to reprogram Teddy against his will, ironically behaving as a human guest would toward a host.

Dolores' actions took a huge toll on Teddy, and he ended his own life shortly after. As it turns out, Dolores did not maintain that stone cold heart the whole time. Teddy is next seen in the Valley Beyond, having had his consciousness uploaded there before the Forge was destroyed. He may be looking at a life without Dolores, but at least he's living a life untroubled by guests.

1 Dolores Has A New Body, And Someone Else Is In Charlotte

One of the big twists in Season 2's finale was Bernard uploading Dolores' consciousness into the host body of Charlotte Hale. In fact, Dolores made her way into the real world using Charlotte's body. However, in the final scenes with Dolores and Bernard, Charlotte Hale's form makes an appearance, alongside Dolores'.

That might mean that another consciousness is operating Hale's body while Dolores has her old one. Perhaps one of the control units Dolores smuggled out of the park was placed inside Hale's body. All we know for sure is that both a host that looks like Dolores and a host that looks like Charlotte are walking around the real world. We will have to wait and see what this really means when the third season comes out.

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