New Westworld Season 2 Footage Unveiled in HBO Promo

A promo for HBO's upcoming slate of films and TV shows offers some new footage from season 2 of Westworld and teases the fallout of the uprising. In a little over a month, HBO's critically acclaimed mystery box series will return with what is promising to be a more expansive and violent batch of episodes. While most of the action was previously contained to its titular locale, Westworld season 2 will go beyond the park. And it won't just explore the outside world, but also other themed locations run by Delos.

Besides the Western-themed park, Westworld will visit ShogunWorld in all likelihood this year as viewers are offered a glimpse of what else Delos has up their sleeves. Beyond mere amusement, we'll also learn of the company's history and what exactly their ultimate goals are in regards to the artificial beings they've created. The end of season 1 finally saw the hosts turning against their masters, so the future of the show is wide open. But what's clear is that Dolores and Maeve will help usher in a new era where the Man in Black and Delos' employees will be offered a taste of their own medicine.

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HBO released a new promo to spotlight some of their upcoming film and series debuts, as well as returning favorites. There's looks at Bill Hader's BarryMichael B. Jordan in Fahrenheit 451, the new season of Silicon Valley, and, at the 1:18 minute mark, some footage from season 2 of Westworld.

We've seen hints of some of this footage in the Westworld season 2 image gallery that recently debuted, but the new look at the show teases just how much Dolores' free will has evolved. She's confident that change and violence are coming, and her rival and abuser the Man in Black finds himself in a bit of trouble. He's longed to have a real challenge in the park, and it seems he may regret his wish.

We also got a new look at Logan, indicating more flashbacks to his youth will be shown. The party he's attending seems to be populated by hosts, so this could be an early showcase of Delos' technology - or a show of power by William. Along with Logan, we'll also see young Ford in Westworld season 2 next month, so some of the mysteries surrounding the company and world at large may finally be revealed. And given how the first season took viewers for a ride when it came to its parallel timelines, it's probably safe not to believe everything you see when the new episodes arrive.

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Westworld season 2 premieres April 22 on HBO.

Source: HBO

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