Westworld Season 2 'In the Weeks Ahead' Trailer Teases More Mysteries

SPOILERS for those not caught up on Westworld ahead.


Westworld season 2 is only going to get more twisted 'In the Weeks Ahead', based on the trailer that HBO released following the new season's premiere. Created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, Westworld season 1 took its source material (Michael Crichton's 1973 film) and spun it off in a completely different direction, delivering an intricate "mystery box" narrative that fans quickly became obsessed with decoding. The Westworld season 2 premiere only doubled-down on this approach, presenting a whole new series of story-related puzzles and questions for everyone to rack their brains over.

Many hardcore Westworld fans correctly deduced that season 1's plot threads were taking place across multiple timelines before the show itself confirmed as much. The season 2 premiere, 'Journey Into Night', thus attempted to throw the show's followers a curveball by confirming early on that its various storylines weren't all taking place at the same time. The episode made this explicitly clear with two narrative threads involving Bernard (Jeffrey Wright); one of which takes place in the immediate aftermath of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) leading Westworld's Hosts in an uprising, the other two weeks later. Question is, what exactly happened between these separate points in time?

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In typical Westworld fashion, the trailer for the rest of season 2 teases more mysteries to come without shedding any light on the questions raised by 'Journey Into Night'. Much of the trailer focuses on scenes featuring Dolores and Bernard, though as always it's difficult to tell whether it's the "original" Bernard (read: Westworld co-founder Arnold), Host Bernard, or a combination of the two featured here. The trailer also includes a quick glimpse of Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson), as well as a brief moment showing a distraught Bernard wandering Westworld that presumably takes place after Bernard helped Charlotte following the Hosts' revolt.

It was previously confirmed that Westworld season 2 would further reveal how William (Jimmi Simpson) evolved into The Man in Black (Ed Harris), thirty years after his first trip to Westworld in season 1. William, looking more sinister than ever, is shown talking to Dolores in this new trailer, seemingly telling her "There is an answer here to a question no one's ever even dreamed of asking." The Man in Black proper makes an appearance in the trailer too, as he continues to search for an answer to the riddle that the late Robert Ford posed to him during the season 2 premiere (via the Host version of his younger self): What is "The Door"?

The trailer also touches upon what's to come for Maeve (Thandie Newton) this season on Westworld, as she continues to try and find her daughter. For reasons that will eventually be made clear, Maeve's journey ultimately takes her into another one of Delos' parks altogether, as the trailer concludes with footage of her in what is clearly Shogun World (a place formerly referred to as Samurai World by fans). As is generally the case with all things Westworld, the desire to know the how and why behind this turn of events offers as much incentive to keep watching season 2 as anything else the show has to offer.

Perhaps that's the biggest question hanging over Westworld season 2's head, e.g. will it amount to more than an endless rabbit hole of riddles and mysteries to solve. Its own puzzles aside, season 1 did raise some intriguing sci-fi existential questions about the nature of consciousness and perception, even as it wrestled with more grounded concerns about consent. The hope is that season 2 will have ultimately expanded upon and enriched these themes in a satisfying fashion, by the time its respective "mystery box" storyline has been fully unraveled and fans know what's even going on.

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Westworld continues next Sunday, April 29 with 'Reunion' on HBO.

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