Westworld Season 2 SDCC Trailer: The Hosts Are Fighting Back

Westworld - The Man in Black (Ed Harris)

Westworld season 2 has gotten its first blood-soaked trailer, following its appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2017. HBO's hit series took to the stage of Hall H today, giving fans their first real look at where the show will go following the huge reveals at the end of season 1. When the first season ended, it came with the unravelling of multiple timelines, and the shocking twist that the Man In Black (Ed Harris) is the twisted future version of the naive William (Jimmi Wilson). Fans were also shocked to discover that Westworld was only one of multiple potential parks, and that Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is actually a host replica of the park's co-creator, Arnold.

Among all these shocking revelations came the big finale, as hosts started to both turn on the guests, and learn of their own limitations. It was a phenomenal first season that has sparked all kinds of speculation about where Westworld could go next - and now, the SDCC trailer has given fans their first look at what lies ahead.

The trailer, which was shown during Westworld's Hall H panel and then officially released online by HBO, is one minute forty-nine seconds long, and starts with a blood-soaked player piano, before cutting through several scenes of both the park and the control room. Bernard makes several appearances, looking down at a dead tiger on a riverbank and being driven through the park by armed men. Maeve (Thandie Newton) also appears, back in the main control center and looking out over the carnage. Finally, fan-favorite Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is also seen, riding a horse and shooting down what appear to be guests. The trailer ends with a shot of the Man in Black, splattered with blood.

Westworld - The Man in Black (Ed Harris)

Some of what is shown in the trailer isn't going to come as a huge surprise - fans already knew that many of the characters would be returning for the second season, and after the big finale of season one, it's no surprise that the hosts are turning on the guests. Evan Rachel Wood has previously spoken about an 'evolved' Dolores when the show returns, which presumably means a more self-aware Dolores. In addition, a tie-in site launched earlier this month has already teased 'something gone wrong' at the park.

However, the re-appearance of Bernard may come as something of a shock, as he was commanded to shoot himself at the end of season 1, but looks to be back to normal for season 2. It has been established that hosts can be repaired, of course, but this doesn't answer the question of who repaired Bernard, without revealing to the world that he is not human. The tiger is also interesting - this is not an animal that fits in Westworld, but could potentially be connected to the Samurai park in some shape or form.

This trailer, like any good tease to a new season, leaves fans with as many questions as answers, but it's sure to stir up excitement for the second season of a show that became one of the most-watched of the year during season one.

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Source: HBO

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