Westworld Theory: Are Robot Babies The Next Host Evolution?

Dolores and a baby in Westworld

Is it possible that the hosts in Westworld are exhibiting even more human qualities than before - even able to give birth? In Westworld Season 2's latest episode, "Akane No Mai", fans were finally introduced to Shogun World where the hosts of this park were exhibiting behaviors like the hosts in Westworld. In this park, Maeve seemed to develop a power-up as she learned how to communicate with multiple (no matter the language) hosts through some sort of telepathy like Neo in the Matrix.

But, back in Westworld, Dolores was exploring a more human side to her unique personality - and with Teddy showing signs of the real next step in the hosts' evolution. After their discussion about moving on from Westworld, Dolores and Teddy have sex back in the town of Sweetwater. This was a major event for the show, seeing the ever-distanced lovers finally break through their programming. However, that moment may lead to something even bigger in Westworld.

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What fans are starting to theorize is that the hosts may have the ability to produce baby robots. But how is this even possible? Let's take a look at some of the clues that have led up to this point.

It All Begins With A Child

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores and Thandie Newton as Maeve in Westworld

Maeve's story in the first season of Westworld charted not only her new powers, but becoming aware that she had a daughter; at the end of season, she made the conscious decision to return to the park to find her, showing that hosts now not only can not only make their own decisions but have feelings for other hosts.

This idea of feelings between parent and child is carried into Season 2 quite explicitly, with the new opening titles showing a female host holding a baby. Bigger, the theme of family is being pushed to the fore. Episode 3, Dolores found Peter Abernathy and Bernard, saying she would do everything in her power to protect her father, and an episode later the Man in Black encounters his estranged daughter, Emily. If Season 1 was about the hosts becoming sentient and more human, Season 2 is about how family and children shape us. This is the next step. But can the hosts really give birth?

Clues That Hosts Can Have Babies

Westworld - Maeve and daughter

In Westworld Season 1, the earliest hosts were mechanized. Later on, Robert Ford and Arnold Weber learned how to make the hosts more organic. Instead of machined parts, the hosts now have blood, muscles, and skin very similar to a human. But just how human are these hosts? In an interview, Lisa Joy suggested they were "basically organic", highlighting "they eat, they sleep, they have sex, they can poop. It’s really like a human body with the one difference being where we have a brain, they have a CPU". There's a lot of info here, but what's most relevant is that the hosts can have sex and secrete bodily fluids, opening up the possibility for reproductive systems.

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It seems they just might; the host version of James Delos in “The Riddle of the Sphinx" was shown masturbating in his room. It's very possible that male hosts have some form of reproductive process, so it would also make sense for the female hosts to have something similar. This at least keeps the door open for host pregnancies.

Why Allow Hosts To Reproduce?

Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden in Westworld Season 2

With more answers only come more questions. Namely, if hosts can reproduce, why would it only be happening now? It may be that the previous programs meant hosts would never engage each other sexually, although that wouldn't explain why previous interactions between hosts and guests never led to any pregnancies. That introduces the suggestion that Ford and Arnold Weber designed the hosts to only reproduce within their own species, which then further leads to a rather striking suggestion that host reproduction is part of a bigger plan - could this be the metaphorical nature of The Door?


For now, this is just a (very out-there) theory, but as Westworld Season 2 wears on, it's clear there's one big secret being hidden - and this would definitely be worth the hype.

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