Westworld: Ed Harris Explains 'Insane' Season 2 Filming Schedule

Westworld star Ed Harris comments on the second season's shooting schedule, remarking how crazy the whole process is. The show became a huge hit for HBO when it premiered last October, and the 10-episode first season left fans desperate for more. The second season of the thrilling sci-fi series is currently in production, with a debut slated for spring of next year. Harris, who plays the villainous Man In Black, has a big part to play in the new season. When the first season ended, a number of the robotic hosts had achieved sentience and turned against their masters and the park guests who abuse them, and Harris' "MIB" was caught right in the middle of the uprising.

The first season of Westworld was meticulously plotted, with twists and turns coming at a breakneck speed as viewers (and the characters themselves) struggled to keep up. It seems fitting that such a complicated series would also have a complicated production, and that's certainly the case according to Harris.

Speaking to Collider at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, Harris discussed the shooting schedule for the second season, which is almost as complicated as the story itself.

"So far, we’ve shot some from episode 1, episode 2, some from episode 4, some from episode 10. They’re committed to having the scripts done to shoot so we’re done by Christmas. I’m glad that I am not a person who’s trying to schedule the days of filming on this thing, because it’s insane. Sometimes you’ll have two, three different episodes being shot. Different crews, different locations; I don’t know how they get it all done.”

It's a marked improvement from the first season's production, which was split in two in order to give the creative team more time to work on the scripts for the crucial later episodes.

"We shot the pilot three years ago, two and a half years ago, and then we started the season it was supposed to be done Christmastime, but we stopped early November — we shut down because they didn’t have their last few scripts, they weren’t happy with them."

Ed Harris in Westworld Season 1 Episode 5

The extra time was clearly beneficial to the final product, as Westworld's first season ended with a literal and figurative bang as the park's oldest host, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) became fully self aware and murdered Westworld creator Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), just as an army of hosts launched their rebellion. The series received universal critical acclaim and was a ratings smash for HBO, so it's no surprise they're taking their time crafting the second season.

Harris was a big part of the show's success, as his mysterious character traversed the park and pursued an agenda that remained unclear for most of the season. The revelation of his true goal (and his considerable history with Dolores) was one of the season's most powerful moments, and it's great to know he'll play a big part in season two.

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The second season of Westworld will premiere next spring.

Source: Collider

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