Westworld Season 2 Reveals 'Samurai World' is Really ShogunWorld

Westworld Samurai World aka ShogunWorld

Westworld season 2 will reveal that was previously known as 'Samurai World' is actually a mysterious place called ShogunWorld. The first season of HBO's hit series Westworld teased far more mysteries than it was willing to resolve in its initial batch of episodes. Naturally, that's led to curiosity over the new season reaching a fever pitch. From questions about the Man in Black to the history of Delos, there's a lot fans still have to learn. But one of the biggest potential threads for the new season is the prospect of visiting other parks.

The Westworld season 1 finale confirmed the existence of another park inspired by feudal Japan, with a logo that reads 'SW'. Fans immediately started calling it Samurai World, but information has been scarce about what it really is. We learned yesterday that Westworld season 2 will go outside the park, hinting at both real world locations and other parks that Delos has constructed. And while we don't know for certain which of these other destinations will appear in season 2, the erstwhile Samurai World appears to be one of them.

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EW, as part of their latest cover story, have been slowly doling out information regarding season 2 of Westworld. And the latest tidbit finally reveals what the 'SW' stands for: ShogunWorld. Along with Samurai World, this was another obvious guess given what we've seen so far. The news doesn't come with any additional details about the park, but it's safe to assume that the revelation is presaging a visit to ShogunWorld in the new season.

We've heard Roman World and Medieval World may someday be visited on Westworld, as both were parks in the original movie. But it seems ShogunWorld will probably be our first destination. With the hosts uprising in Westworld, it seems that only flashbacks will "restore" the status quo of the park. But perhaps some of the other locations were insulated from the rebellion. Either that, or more visits to Delos' past will reveal the other tourist destinations.

The Westworld season 2 viral site confirmed that their are 6 parks total, and offered us a few images of what appears to be ShogunWorld. The filming locations for the show have been quite expansive and picturesque so far, and the idea of visiting Japan's past would certainly make for some visually rich television. And with season 2 fast approaching, expect more details on ShogunWorld and the other parks soon.

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Westworld season 2 premieres Sunday, April 22 on HBO.

Source: EW

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