Westworld Star Confirms Season 2 to Premiere Spring 2018

Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld Season 1 Episode 5

Westworld season 2 will still premiere in spring 2018. A reimagining of Michael Chricton's 1973 sci-fi/Western hybrid, the long-gestating series took years to make it to screen. The pilot was greenlit in 2013, a series order was granted the following year, and after a number of delays, the show finally debuted on HBO in 2016. Because of its ambitious nature, it was unsurprising when executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy announced Westworld wouldn't return until 2018. The narratives often hinge upon big, story-changing twists, and the visual effects are elaborate, both things that demand lots of time and careful planning. Considering how long it took to make season 1, a 2018 target seemed quite reasonable.

Then, in July, a PR overview of the premiere dates for all of the current HBO/Cinemax TV series revealed that the Westworld season 2 premiere date would hit sometime in spring 2018. That could mean anywhere from March to late May, but regardless, is much sooner than some may have expected. But last week, when reports emerged that production had been temporarily suspended as a recurring actor recovered from an off-set medical emergency, it sparked concern that season 2 might be pushed back. Apparently, however, things seem to be on track.

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On Monday, Evan Rachel Wood, who stars as park host Dolores Abernathy, confirmed via Twitter that Westworld's second season is still slated to air in spring 2018. That particular time slot is important, as it positions the series as Game of Thrones' direct successor. Up until this year, GoT has aired in the March/April window, but with its eighth and final season also set for 2018 (likely in the summer), Westworld is now primed to take its place as HBO's dramatic headliner.

Spring 2018

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The news should also come as a relief to viewers. Not only did the show accrue a rabid fan base eager for its return, but the first season closed with several major bombshells: The Man In Black revealed he was, indeed, an aging William; Maeve officially made her first free-will decision; and Dolores shot Ford point-blank, killing him before turning her gun toward the onlooking guests and igniting a park-wide massacre. Needless to say, anticipation is high to see where things pick up in season 2.

The Westworld footage released thus far has teased further conflict between the hosts and the park's human guests, and cast interviews have promised more carnageamped up chaos, and an evolved Delores. Whereas season 1 was all about slow, simmering tension, season 2 seems to be about release. The hosts are now newly awakened, and apparently, they're out for blood.

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Westworld season 2 premieres Spring 2018.

Source: Evan Rachel Wood

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