Westworld Season 2 Casts Jonathan Tucker & Neil Jackson

Jonathan Tucker and Neil Jackson have joined the cast of Westworld season 2. The hit HBO sci-fi made its debut last fall, quickly accruing a rabid fan base, widespread acclaim, and, more recently, a staggering 22 Emmy nominations.

Details about its second chapter have been sparse, but it has slowly begun to take shape. Westworld likely won't return to the multiple timeline format that framed its first outing, but will backtrack a bit from the explosive season 1 finale. Rather than pick up right where it left off, with its army of android hosts launching a rebellion against their human creators, it will focus on guest experiences before diving back into the chaos. Almost all of the principal cast members have been confirmed to return, though the fate of Jimmi Simpson, who played park newcomer William, remains unclear.

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As reported by Deadline, Tucker has come on board as a commanding military officer named Major Craddock, while Jackson will portray Nicholas, a "charming, resourceful man who finds himself in uncharted territory." Their castings follow news from earlier this month that the The LeftoversKatja Herbers has been tapped to play Grace, a veteran guest whose latest visit "comes at the park’s darkest hour," while former recurring players Talulah Riley and Louis Herthum were previously upped to series regulars.

Both Tucker and Jackson should be familiar to viewers. Tucker has appeared on Kingdom since 2014 and has also picked up parts in American GodsParenthood, and Justified, while Jackson can be found in Nocturnal AnimalsSleepy Hollow, and the upcoming Absentia.

Their parts in Westworld don't do much to decode what creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy could be brewing, though they certainly follow through on the show's promise to broaden perspectives. Tucker's character could be part of a military presence brought in to crack down on the android uprising or could even be a new host himself, and Jackson's role is even more vague. Is he a guest? A robot? A corporate Delos flunky? Right now it's anyone's guess.

Season 1 answered many of the series' initial mysteries, but the recent spike in new faces suggests the story will widen once again, and with sentience now within tangible reach for the hosts, it seems like Westworld will only get more elaborate. What exactly that entails is still unclear, but it seems like Nolan and Joy are keen to keep their plans under wraps as long as possible.

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Westworld returns for season 2 in 2018 on HBO.

Source: Deadline

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