Westworld Season 2 Photo Gallery: Dolores Gets a New Look

HBO sets Westworld premiere date

A new set of images from season 2 of Westworld tease new locations, killer hosts, and the return of the Man in Black. It's been a little longer than fans would have liked, but the return of HBO's Westworld is almost here. A lot of questions remained even after the reveals of the finale, and the uprising of the hosts and death of Ford only led to more potential questions. The trailer for Westworld season 2 gave us a glimpse of what life will be like with sentient hosts, but we've also heard the normalcy of the park will return in some manner.

It's clear that the status quo of season 1 can't fully return in the present to Westworld the park, but the show has proven that multiple time periods are on the table. What's more, but we know there are more Westworld parks and season 2 may show what it's like for hosts and visitors in those locations as well. But naturally, the focus will remain on the characters we've met so far and now we have a number of new looks at where they'll be this season.

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As part of EW's coverage of Westworld season 2, they have a batch of new images for the upcoming episodes. A few are cast shots, teasing who the major players will be this year. But the rest offer some insight into what season 2 will bring audiences - including an intriguing new look for Dolores. Check out the images in the gallery below:

[vn_gallery name="Westworld Season 2 Images" id="1196744"]

While many of the shots don't tell us much out of context, a few tease the new normal for the characters. In particular, we see Bernard and Charlotte working together in the park. After the hosts took over, there was no telling what would happen to the on-site Delos staff. Now, it looks as if they'll be dealing with an inversion of the power structure from season 1. We also see Luke Hemsworth back as Stubbs, and we know his partner Hughes will be another of the characters returning to Westworld in season 2.

There's also plenty to theorize about Dolores' new ensemble and her setting. It looks as if she's in the real world, which could tie into a scene from the trailer involving Logan at a party full of hosts. We don't know quite how the outside world or the past will be revealed in the new season, but it's clear Dolores will be going to some interesting new places.

And of course, looming in the group shot of the cast, is the mysterious white robot from the trailer. Known as a 'drone host,' the intimidating figure will be part of Delos' larger plans when it comes to Westworld and the other parks. Given its name and look, it's likely to bring yet more violence and retribution to the series - and it may just provide the Man in Black with his greatest challenge yet.

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Westworld season 2 premieres April 22 on HBO.

Source: EW

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