Westworld Season 2 First Look Image & Promo; Super Bowl Trailer Coming

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HBO will be debuting a Westworld season 2 trailer during the Super Bowl this weekend, and have released a new image and viral teaser to celebrate. The first season of Westworld performed phenomenally well for HBO. Not only were its ratings strong, but its critical acclaim and fans' dedication to solving the show's mysteries have made it a potential successor to both Lost (which, like Westworld, was backed by J.J. Abrams) and a network replacement for the soon-to-depart Game of Thrones. It's been over a year since season 1 ended with a massive cliffhanger, but Westworld season 2 is set to premiere this spring.

Now that the titular futuristic park's robotic "hosts" have rebelled, Westworld aims to be even bigger and more ambitious in its second season. While the show may yet Roman and Medieval worlds in season 2, along with the previously-teased Samurai World, the immediate focus will be on the fallout of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) gaining sentience and killing her creator in the season 1 finale. Now we know that our first good look at the new season is right around the corner.

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According to EW, HBO has purchased its first Super Bowl ad space in 20 years for the new Westworld season 2 trailer. Arriving with the game this weekend, the expensive spot may not only unveil new footage from season 2, it might also reveal the show's definitive return date. The trailer itself was directed by Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan, and reportedly includes footage that isn't part of the actual show. Along with that announcement, EW has the first official image from Westworld season 2, which you can check out below:

While the image doesn't give anything major away, we do see the return of Jeffrey Wright as Bernard/Arnold in front of a host-in-progress. Arnold won't be alone, as Logan (Ben Barnes) is also coming back for Westworld season 2. And even more shocking, Ford himself may even be around, either in the flesh or as a host. The show's Twitter account released a viral promo teasing the new narrative this season (see the clip at the top of this article), while also name-checking Ford and alluding to his return.

The mention of Ford being involved with the narrative and a restructuring in management could mean that those with knowledge of what really happened in the season 1 finale will be purged, and a host version of Ford will be created to make it appear as if nothing has changed. Then again, perhaps season 2 will play around with time more and show us Ford in the past. Either way, the season should provide more insight into Delos - the company behind Westworld itself - and how far they're willing to go to keep their customers in the dark.

The teaser also mentions 'Journey Into Night,' which is both the name of Ford's final narrative and the title of the first episode of season 2. Though Ford's narrative was meant to lead to Dolores gaining consciousness, and thus choosing to kill him, it seems Delos may have reworked it in some way. Expect to learn more when the Super Bowl trailer drops this Sunday.

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Westworld season 2 premieres this spring on HBO.

Sources: EWHBO

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