Westworld Season 2: Ed Harris Confirmed to Return

Westworld Season 2 Ed Harris Man in Black

HBO has been particularly successful in recent years with high-concept dramas, especially the fantasy adventure series Game of Thrones, as well as the critically acclaimed first season of True Detective. Earlier this fall, the network debuted science fiction series Westworld -- based on the 1973 Michael Crichton film of the same name. Created by Jonathan Nolan (Interstellar) and Lisa Joy (Pushing Daisies), Westworld follows a futuristic theme park populated by lifelike android hosts and visited by human guests.

The series has so far weaved a number of mysteries throughout season 1, including the motivations and goal of park creator Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins), whether certain characters are android or human, and what exactly the Man in Black (Ed Harris) is searching for within the maze. Now, although we know the Westworld season 1 finale won't end in a cliffhanger, it seems it won't completely wrap up every characters' storylines either.

HBO renewed Westworld for season 2 earlier this week, with new episodes expected to arrive in 2018, but it was unclear which characters would return for more adventure. However, during an interview with BBC Radio 4 [h/t /Film], Harris spoke about season 2 and confirmed his character's return:

“Yeah, you know, as a matter of fact, I was just talking to Jonah Nolan last night, who’s a creator of this thing with his wife Lisa Joy, and yeah, they’re doing another season. They’re going to do 10 more episodes, and I will be involved.”


With only three episodes left in season 1, Westworld will wrap up its mysteries in just a few weeks, perhaps revealing the maze the Man in Black is seeking -- as well as what he'll find at its center. However, another aspect of the Man in Black's character that fans hope will be revealed is his true identity. One popular fan theory posits that the Man in Black is an older version of William (Jimmi Simpson), and that Westworld follows two or more different timelines in the park's history.

Of course, the multiple timeline theory is just one of many thought up by fans -- though it is perhaps the most popular and compelling considering how the characters started off the season seeming to be opposites. Still, since Simpson himself has said the season 1 finale will "tie up everything you wanted to know," it seems likely viewers will get a definitive answer of whether William and the Man in Black are one in the same.

That said, it remains to be seen what new mysteries Westworld will pursue in season 2. Perhaps the Man in Black finds something even more puzzling once he discovers the maze -- if he does at all. Plus, with the possibilities of other theme parks that were included in the original 1973 film making an appearance in season 2, Westworld has plenty of directions in which the show can go once season 1 wraps up.

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Westworld continues next Sunday with ‘Trace Decay’ @9pm on HBO.

Source: BBC Radio 4 [via /Film]

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