Westworld Season 2 Easter Egg Leads To ANOTHER Trailer

Westworld season 2 has another teaser for audiences to watch through a newly discovered Easter egg. The hype is on for the second season of HBO's newest breakout show, which premieres on April 22. Anticipation started to build when the first teaser trailer dropped, depicting mainly what looks like a pivotal meet-up between Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Bernard/Arnold (Jeffrey Wright).

Much like the first season, Westworld is going deep with its viral marketing. There's a sleek-looking website for Delos Incorporated, the company behind Dr. Robert Ford's (Anthony Hopkins) advanced amusement park populated by intensely lifelike android "hosts." But, as audiences saw at the end of season 1, the hosts are beginning to forge their own narratives and discover more about Westworld and the outside world. And similar to them, there's more going on underneath the surface at the Delos website.

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As noted by a keen-eyed Reddit user on Thursday, the website is hiding yet another teaser trailer for Westworld season 2 as an Easter egg. The Reddit user found it by first noticing a binary code on a box in the latest Westworld trailer. Decoding it provided a link to an otherwise-hidden link on the Delos website. Click HERE to watch the new teaser.

The clip isn't a traditional teaser, but more of a fake advertisement for Delos. But as it goes along, it gets increasingly fragmented and starts to glitch. Clips from the show start to seep in as the ad struggles to complete its message. At the end, there's a freeze-frame clip of a so-called "drone host" appearing to attack a Westworld worker - just as the video concludes with the Delos slogan, "Life without limits."

It's unclear where in the overall timeline season 2 will begin, but what is clear is that Robert Ford's new narrative is being set into motion, and his hosts are now in control of their own destinies, as he desired. There appears to be a massive battle between humans and hosts on the horizon, and the new Shogun World will likely be involved in that as well. The newly discovered teaser is certainly worth checking out for the many Westworld fans who wish to pour over all of the mini-clips sprinkled throughout it.

It remains to be seen how Shogun World will factor into the season 2 narrative, as well as where the many secondary host characters will take their new freedom. Audiences can see Maeve seeking her "daughter" and Dolores experiencing the real world, but what to make of Angela's crown of thorns or Clementine's nefarious-looking horseback ride? It may be impossible to find any answers before the new season kicks off, but these teasers are definitely worth examining closely.

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Westworld season 2 premieres April 22 on HBO.

Source: TheOracleOW/Reddit

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